Here comes the video tutorial of electric bicycle filing| Small license plate, big safety

The regulations of Hebei Province on the administration of electric bicycles and the provisions of Hebei Province on the registration of electric bicycles will be officially implemented on May 1.

In order to facilitate the masses to register and license electric bicycles, the Traffic Management Bureau of the provincial public security department has set up a “Hebei electric bicycle registration management platform” on the Internet.

Car owners can register and license through the Internet or directly go to the registration point.

The entrance of Hebei electric bicycle registration management platform is set in the wechat official account of “Hebei traffic police micro release”.

You can search and pay attention to the “Hebei traffic police micro release” official account in wechat.

After finding the service column, click [registration and licensing] – [electric bicycle registration] to enter the platform.

The online filing process is very simple.

After entering the system, you can enter information according to the prompts of program steps.

The following three video tutorials for the filing of electric bicycles are provided for your reference.

New national standard electric bicycle filing process old national standard electric bicycle filing process electric bicycle filing process without certificate source: Hebei traffic police micro release..