Free ride! Sharing bicycles to solve the “last kilometer” problem for anti epidemic personnel

Since the suspension of the city’s buses and subways, many epidemic prevention personnel left a message “we don’t have a car, how to solve the problem of commuting to and from work” in the fairy.

As the “Guardian” of our city, the “way home” of the front-line epidemic prevention personnel must be guaranteed! To this end, The Municipal Transportation Bureau actively communicates, coordinates and organizes public transport enterprises to open medical security special lines according to the travel needs of hospitals to fully ensure the travel of anti epidemic workers.

In addition to opening medical security special lines, the Municipal Transportation Bureau also organizes bicycle sharing enterprises to provide “the last kilometer” for the travel of anti epidemic workers Ensure that bike sharing enterprises make concerted efforts to provide medical staff with free cycling meituan bicycles and issue cycling monthly cards.

Under the guidance of the Internet enterprise working committee of Shenzhen Municipal Party committee and Shenzhen Transportation Bureau, meituan Shenzhen Party committee and meituan bicycles launched a love donation action in the industry, and issued 7000 cycling monthly cards to medical staff in Shenzhen to provide them with free cycling services.

Didi Qingju provides free riding service.

Under the guidance of Shenzhen Transportation Bureau, Didi Qingju provides free riding service for Shenzhen citizens through the pop-up window of enterprise app overnight.

On March 17, under the coordination of Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of transportation, they came to cuining community, Luohu District and donated protective clothing, masks, herbal tea, instant noodles and other epidemic prevention materials to the front-line anti epidemic personnel in the community.

Since the outbreak of this round of epidemic, about 6000 free riding cards have been provided for the front-line staff of epidemic prevention, and a number of special vehicles for epidemic prevention have been provided for Nanyuan Street free of charge, contributing to the short-distance travel of communities and medical staff.

We should not only have cars to ride, but also rest assured to ride! In order to ensure the riding safety of citizens, bike sharing enterprises earnestly implement the daily vehicle disinfection work, record the disinfection account, and seriously achieve – the vehicles on the roads around the sealed control area in Shenzhen are disinfected every 12 hours, while the vehicles on the roads around the control area are fully disinfected no less than once a day.

The vehicles on the roads around the prevention area are disinfected once every two days, and the vehicles in other areas are disinfected 2-3 times a week, and the front grip, brake grip The user contact parts such as seat cushions and lifting switches shall be disinfected in a key way.

For major communities, medical institutions and other units and regions with key needs, bicycle sharing enterprises shall also dispatch and transport them in time to maximize the vehicle supply in key areas, so as to ensure that medical and epidemic prevention personnel can travel most conveniently and quickly at any time and place.

In terms of the management of operation and maintenance personnel, the bicycle sharing enterprise requires all operation and maintenance personnel to complete the nucleic acid detection of each round and do a good job in personal protection.

All operation and maintenance personnel shall measure their temperature every day before taking up their posts, wear masks, protective gloves and other epidemic prevention and control necessities, and carry disinfection equipment with them to avoid dead corners in prevention and control.

When we started the “slow life” at home, epidemic prevention personnel chose to “get up quickly” just to end the epidemic as soon as possible 💪💪💪 We also hope to make more contributions to win this war without gunsmoke.

When the spring flowers bloom, let’s experience the beauty of the city ~ source | Shenzhen transportation needs.