Cycling, the spokesman of a lifestyle

Whether you are for self-cultivation, physical exercise or simply for the purpose of environmental protection, cycling is definitely the best decision you can make.

Expert scholar McCulloch said, “30 minutes of exercise therapy three times a week is enough to restore people’s spirit.” Cycling can make you happy! A nine-year study at Harvard Medical School found that if a person has many friends, the risk of early death can be reduced by more than 60%, blood pressure can be reduced, and the immune system can be strengthened.

The results are so significant that the absence of close friends or confidants is an adverse health factor leading to smoking or obesity.

Add the health factor of cycling and you will become a winner.

In life, I may forget to think and find the little things around me because I am busy.

I love cycling.

More importantly, cycling makes me know myself, learn to grasp myself, understand thinking and examination, and have confidence and strength.

If life is as calm as a pool of stagnant water, how to realize the meaning of life? Whenever I put on my cycling clothes and cycling equipment, riding in the wind and sunshine on the road, challenging difficulties, I will feel that this is the meaning of life.

As Hugo said: the so-called living people are those who constantly challenge and climb the dangerous peak of fate.

In the heart of everyone who loves cycling, cycling has different meanings, maybe it is a kind of perception of life, maybe a self breakthrough, maybe a pursuit of memory, maybe a kind of honing of growth, but no matter how it appears in people’s hearts, it is the spokesman of a healthy and upward lifestyle.

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