Cycling man accidentally fell and injured his heart warming assistant police emergency rescue

On May 29, cuiguodong, an assistant policeman of Wulat Front Banner Public Security Bureau, rescued an injured people.

His warm-hearted move was highly praised by the surrounding people and passing drivers.

At about 10 a.m.

that day, cuiguodong, an auxiliary policeman of the Criminal Investigation Brigade, was on duty at Xishe intersection when he suddenly saw a cyclist across the road fall to the ground.

Cuiguodong immediately ran forward to check the situation.

It was found that the man was too painful to move, and there were multiple abrasions on his face, causing blood to flow.

Due to the narrow lane and large traffic flow in the incident area, cuiguodong quickly picked up his bike and pushed it to the roadside, standing outside the injured man, directing passing vehicles to slow down and detour to avoid secondary accidents; While carefully observing and asking the injured man, after confirming that the man is OK, carefully help the man to a nearby safe position.

Through the conversation, cuiguodong learned that the injured man’s internal oral injury was very serious and needed to be sent to hospital for treatment.

However, it was difficult to take a taxi due to his remote location.

In order not to delay the treatment time, cuiguodong quickly handed over the work with his colleagues, drove the injured man to the hospital for treatment, and helped the injured man contact his family to accompany him..