Collection of treatment methods for riding injuries!

Riding is a risky sport.

Even if you are very cautious, you are likely to suffer injuries.

Of course, a small injury can’t make us give up riding.

However, minor injuries may end your riding career if you don’t pay attention to them.

Therefore, we must pay attention to it! 1.

Knee injury knee injury is the most common among cyclists, and it is also the most easily ignored.

What we are talking about here is internal knee injury, which is generally caused by excessive riding, catching a cold, the car is not adjusted properly, or the riding posture, etc.


Pay attention to the intensity of riding, don’t ride too much, and rest when you are tired; 2.

Ice compress the knee for about 20 minutes; 3.

If the pain point is in front of the knee, raise the seat cushion by 2~3mm.

If the pain point is behind the knee, lower the seat cushion by 2~3mm.

When climbing a slope, you often use your muscles alternately in a sitting or standing position.


Keep your knees warm.

It is recommended to wear knee pads or trousers when riding, especially when the temperature is low.

If the knee is useless, the bike will really say goodbye to you, so when there is a problem with the knee, it is recommended to seek medical advice in time.

Don’t believe the knee recovery tutorial on the Internet, including brother Li’s words, because everyone’s situation is different, you must and can only trust the doctor.


Skin abrasion is not only riding, but also most sports.

In those days, brother Li liked playing basketball.

I don’t know how much blood he spilled on the court.

The most depressed thing was not the scratch, but the intentional scratch by his opponent because of his strong ability! Brother Li tips: don’t play basketball with people with long nails, especially when grabbing rebounds.

oh dear! Brother Li pulled away again.

Let’s continue to talk about riding.

In fact, brother Li generally doesn’t care about bruises.

After all, he is a big man.

Abrasion is generally superficial injury and capillary hemorrhage, which basically will not cause a lot of blood loss.

Wound treatment is mainly to prevent infection.

Under field conditions, you can use boiled water in the kettle to wet the gauze to clean the wound and remove foreign matters.

Cover the wound with a clean towel or other soft cloth, and then wrap it with clean cloth, bandages and other cotton fabrics.

If it’s serious, you may have to break the cold.


Skin inflammation skin inflammation is worse than skin abrasion, which is usually caused by the contact and friction between the skin and other objects, such as clothes.

Many friends are often allergic to pollen in spring, so the pain is not to mention how uncomfortable it is.


Keep away from your own allergens; 2.

Pay attention to personal hygiene, and conduct antibacterial treatment on the body and skin; 3.

Before departure, you can wipe the easily inflamed parts with vaseline and tea tree oil for lubrication and protective treatment; 4.

It is recommended to choose clothes with long sleeves.

Choosing professional cycling clothes will also reduce skin friction.

If the weather is warmer, wear thinner and looser clothes.


Cramps recommended reading what to do if you have cramps when cycling? Riding a bike suddenly cramps, know these can save yourself! 5.

It is recommended to read the secret script of iron buttocks to protect your buttocks when riding! You may not know the secret to save the pain of riding your ass! 6.

The pain in the waist may be caused by improper adjustment of the car, improper size, or problems in riding posture.

Therefore, I suggest you try to make a fitting, if conditions permit.

Of course, it’s also possible that you ride too little and your back muscles are not too strong.

This kind of back pain is very normal.

Pay attention to rest and slowly strengthen yourself.

If the backpack is too heavy and carried for too long, there will be discomfort in the waist and back.


Hand numbness cycling hand numbness is too common, usually you put too much weight on the handlebar, or the vibration is too strong.

The reason for the former may be that the horizontal is too low, the seat is too backward or forward, causing the body to slide forward and more body weight on the arm.

Excessive bending of the wrist can also compress nerves.

You can add a handle washer, or use a higher or shorter handle.

Level the seat.

Pay attention to gently grasp the handle, straighten the wrist, and often change the position of the hand.

If the vibration is too strong, it is recommended to wear gloves and change a cover.


Neck pain.

If you stretch your neck for a long time when cycling, the muscles on your neck will definitely be tired and sore.

Recommended reading: what about neck pain after riding? Try these five tricks! 9.

Sunburn sunburn brother Li had a very painful experience.

Before, brother Li never paid attention to sunscreen.

He basically rode with his arms.

As a result, he fell ill the summer before last.

Now, as long as the arm skin is exposed to the sun for a while, it will be red and itchy, and it is even more painful at night.

Brother Li hasn’t worn short sleeves in the past two summers.

Do you have any treatment for brother Li? beg!!! It is recommended to read cycling sun protection skills, which must be seen by female cyclists! 10.

The problem of acne in private parts mostly occurs between legs, which is developed from the damage of skin epidermis caused by mutual friction and extrusion between skin and seat cushion, sometimes caused by endogenous hair.

These sores are easy to fester after being infected by sweat.


Buy high-quality riding shorts, and those with good quality usually have less friction with the skin; 2.

After cycling, change into clean and dry clothes immediately after taking a shower; 3.

If you are unlucky to get caught, it is recommended to go to the hospital.


Eye injury, the sun is too strong, into foreign bodies, our eyes really need protection.

Riding glasses are really important.

Hey, when can we have riding glasses that are convenient and comfortable for myopic patients.


Heatstroke / cold days are too hot or too cold to recommend riding.

Of course, no one can stop the itchy feet.

If you feel unwell, take a rest as soon as possible.

If it is serious, go to the doctor and take medicine.

There is nothing to say about this.

Now it’s getting colder and colder.

Everyone should pay attention to cycling to keep warm.

Don’t mess with your body! 13.

Not all Wangxing people are cute when bitten by a dog.

If you meet someone with a big temper, you will suffer.

If you are unfortunately bitten by a dog, go to the hospital for treatment and get rabies vaccine..