All kinds of pleasure of riding, see what kind you are

For riders, riding is fun! But happiness is different, each has its own flavor.


Healthy, happy and healthy may be the starting point for many cyclists to start cycling – or lose weight, or exercise.

After riding for a while, I found that my body became stronger and stronger, and the muscle lines of my legs became more and more obvious.

The joy was incomparable.

It is not necessary to pursue speed, distance and mileage.

While cycling, watching the scenery and harvesting health, is there such a good thing in the world? 2.

Run for the happiness of freedom.

Many people choose cycling as their fitness exercise because cycling is free.

At any time, a person can ride and stop whenever he wants to, and go where he wants to go without competing with others.


Challenging your own happiness has the most positive power.

Every time you set out, you actually have the blood of sports.

With the bumps of the car body, you will be boiling.

When the bike drives through the bumpy road, through the dark tunnel, and experiences the challenge in the continuous difficulties, this is happiness! I like to enjoy the pleasure of breaking through my limits.

It is said that the greatest enemy in riding is myself.

I even defeated myself.

What else can defeat me? 4.

The joy of self photographing these riders, whether riding or participating in competitions, always wear their favorite riding clothes before going out, and dress up as “bright Sao” first.

There is no shortage of selfie poles and beauty cameras.

One before you leave, click! Take another photo of yourself and upload it to the circle of friends; If you see a photographer on the way to the competition, you should also put a perfect pose to get beautiful photos.


Happiness of data control the happiest thing for these riders is to look at the data on the riding software or code meter on their mobile phones, and then analyze whether their average speed, extreme speed, heart rate and step frequency are OK this time.

As long as you find that the data is better than last time, you will feel really satisfied and happy.


make your opponents happy.

These riders pursue speed, like competition, and enjoy the pleasure of making your opponents happy! The sharing car next to me was blown up by me, hee hee…

7 The joy of equipment control these riders have been thinking about equipment since they have a high fever.

If they have nothing to do, they like to think about equipment.

For example, they are promoted to lower levels, such as kits, lock shoes, helmets…

Or they are fond of equipment of a certain brand.

The unified logo for cycling outside seems to be a brand spokesperson.

You don’t have to ride the fastest, but you must wear the most professional clothes and know all kinds of brands, performance and prices like the back of your hand.


Refitted happy.

Different accessories and original bicycles can be refitted into various types of cars by the skillful hands of these riders.

They like to build their own cars, and they prefer to build their own unique cars, so that others can see his distinctive style at a glance.

Who knows the happiness of successful refitting! 9.

The happiness of self abuse these riders like to be abused and enjoy the bitterness after riding.

They aim to ride on steep slopes that no one else can ride, and constantly challenge their highest limits.

They are common in wind and rain, flying stones, water, bumps, bumps, and high reactions.

Anyway, they like all kinds of masochism.

The weather is bad, and I want to abuse myself.

You can’t go out to ride a bike or ride a bicycle platform during a rainstorm.

It’s 100% comfortable! 10.

the happiness of corruption can only be lived up to food, riding and love.

These riders like to ride in different places and taste different delicacies.

Therefore, the ride after ride has become a kind of enjoyment of food.

This happiness is also the reason why many people fall in love with cycling.


although it is very painful to get up early with energetic happiness, I still feel energetic after long-term persistence.

After cycling, I feel my body is full of electricity and can’t stop at all.

My body and mind are satisfied…