These cycling routes in Shaanxi, click to punch in~

2021 starts a pleasant cycling trip, slide left and right, and switch your mood today.

Do you have any riding partners raise their hands to report ~ although the temperature has dropped, the weather has been sunny in recent days, and the autumn leaves have fallen.

It’s more suitable for a vigorous cycling today, Xiaobian will recommend several routes suitable for cycling.

Let’s have a look ~#01.

Qinling watershed cycling is in Xi’an.

When it comes to cycling, no one will not know that the watershed route can definitely be regarded as a paradise watershed for cyclists.

As the name suggests, the south of the watershed is the Yangtze River and the north is the Yellow River.

Because it is located in Qinling Mountains and the highway goes up along the Feng River, There are mountains and water all the way, with beautiful scenery and charming watershed.

It is more than 70 kilometers away from the urban area of Xi’an, including 34.7 kilometers from fengyukou to the top of Qinling Mountains.

The climbing altitude is more than 2000 meters.

Because the uphill section is long and the challenge is difficult, many riders have also become the “riding driver’s license test road”.

The scenery along the way is beautiful, especially in late autumn and early winter, with mountains and autumn leaves, colorful mountains and beautiful peaks, The trend is majestic, the frost leaves are red like fire, and the dotted Qinling Mountains are more flexible and graceful in their solemnity.

Ride to the high place and look into the distance, taking a panoramic view of thousands of scenery and dyeing the forest at the bottom, The beautiful scenery surrounded by clouds and the sweet breeze in the mountains disperse all the tired routes: G210 – Qinling top #02 Lishan Mountain cycling.

If you talk about the most beautiful cycling route around Xi’an, it is definitely the winding route around Lishan Mountain, Nine turns and eighteen turns are like perfect curves paved on the earth.

The road is embedded in the mountains like a dragon, outlining the trend and drawing a magnificent natural picture.

This winding mountain road is famous for riding circles, motorcycles and self driving circles.

Long slopes, curves, sharp turns and various types of curves are deeply loved by cyclists.

The winding curves and shocking height difference of the road are the time to test your riding skills For cycling enthusiasts, it can’t be happier.

In today’s season, the rich color makes people yearn for it.

Winter adds vitality and beauty to it.

At night, there are many stars in the sky, and the air here is particularly fresh.

The mountain wind in early winter is cold, But it’s very refreshing.

Standing at a high place, you can see the thousands of vehicles passing on the starry highway in the city.

The lights are connected into a gorgeous light circling around the mountains.

The route: Bell Tower – Shilipu – G108 – Lishan cableway – Renzong temple #03 crossing the Qinling Mountains.

Have you ever thought of crossing the Qinling Mountains by bike? The route from Baoji to Hanzhong is worth having.

The road from Guanzhong Plain through Qinling Mountains to southern Shaanxi is moderately difficult and has beautiful scenery.

In this season, you can just see the most rich scenery Baoji – Taibai.

There is a long-distance climbing section, and the highest point of Taibai LIANGHAI is about 1800.

Then you go all the way down to Taibai county.

From Taibai County along the Baohe River, You can go all the way to Hanzhong City.

From Taibai to Liuba, you will pass through Jiangmei line, the most beautiful highway.

Jiangmei line, the top ten most beautiful highways in Shaanxi, is basically along the Baohe river.

It doesn’t take much energy to slow down all the way.

Along the way, you can pay more attention to enjoying the beautiful scenery.

In early winter, although the trees and leaves are scattered, However, the victory lies in the gorgeous color, and the easy shooting is the route of aesthetic Blockbuster: Baoji Taibai Liuba Hanzhong #04 Gaojiang road riding Gaojiang Road, starting from gaoqiaopu, Fengxian County, Baoji in the West and ending at Jiangxi Ying Village, Liuba County, Hanzhong, The total length of 39 km has been selected as the most beautiful rural road in Shaanxi for many times.

In 2019, China highway society selected 18 national beautiful rural roads.

Gaojiang road has been upgraded from “the most beautiful in Shaanxi” to “the most beautiful in China”.

When you are on the scene, you will naturally be attracted by its beauty.

The mountains along the line are covered with mountains and rich vegetation.

When you are tired of riding, when you rest on the roadside, your eyes are full of colors and quietly look at the passing vehicles Pedestrians follow the trail of fallen leaves and feel the wonderful charm of autumn.

As witnessed by the hazy mountains and rivers in the distance, the trees along the road have completed a gorgeous transformation from early autumn to late autumn and then to early winter.

The mountains along the road are overlapping and the vegetation is rich, giving people a dream of stepping into a paradise.

They ride along the road, winding Take a spin to change the color of the season.

The amazing red is intoxicating.

It is not only a ride, but also a visual feast route: gaoqiaopu, Fengxian County, Baoji – Jiangxi Ying Village #05 Xi’an city wall, Liuba County, Hanzhong.

The total length of Xi’an city wall is 13.74 kilometers, the wall is 18 meters high and the top is 12-14 meters wide, The bottom width is 15-18m.

For those who don’t want to leave the city, Xi’an city wall is definitely the best choice.

Friends from other places can also enjoy the fun of riding.

Rent a bicycle in the City Wall scenic area to ride a unique historical track.

There is no continuous whistle, crowded intersections, flashing traffic lights, and ride slowly, feeling 13.74km healthy The sunshine is slow and the life is wanton.

Watching the scenery of the city wall flash in front of you, the dynamic scenery suddenly becomes active.

Or when the sun goes down, you can pick up your mobile phone and camera to take a free and unrestrained life record.

You can not only feel the hearty riding, but also enjoy the beautiful scenery of the city wall, killing two birds with one stone! Route: South Gate – West Gate – North Gate – East Gate – South Gate for cyclists, riding again and again is a double test of physical strength and endurance.

It is also a great experience for reading great rivers and mountains.

When sweat passes through the face, the blood and passion in the heart bloom, and all fatigue disappears without a trace.

It’s sunny in recent days.

It’s better to have a ride ~ no matter where it is, it’s different from everything in early winter Warm tips: pay attention to safety when riding, carry personal appliances and take thermal protection measures< This paper is a comprehensive arrangement.