Mountain riding, planted in “Bailongtan bridge”!

The little sister said to ride safely every day.

I rode up the hillside and people flew directly! According to the video information, The incident occurred at Bailongtan bridge (Fenghua District, Ningbo, Zhejiang Province).

Several motorcycle friends met to run the mountain at the weekend.

As a result, the car in front of them mysteriously rushed onto the small slope beside the road.

Unexpectedly, there was a big pit behind the slope.

Both people and cars fell heavily! When I saw this on the scene, I thought it was his motorcycle brake failure.

I thought it was a “refuge lane” , straight up? Or did he mistakenly think it was a normal road? Only he knew the situation at that time.

Let’s take a look at the situation at that time: the video screenshot of the rear vehicle recorder, the following case and the cause of the accident are very familiar to everyone.

Reverse overtaking on a curve.

At the moment of the incident, I really saw the “persuasion series”.

If you dare to ride like this, I can only call you a “warrior”.

The rear vehicle recorder video suspects that the large truck in front is pressing its own speed, but don’t overtake in the corner.

You can’t see the opposite lane at all.

In this case, overtake.

It’s just turning off the lights and cutting vegetables.

Where to cut is where to cut? I hope today’s two friends can recover as soon as possible.

I also hope all of you here can take a warning! Thank you for your contribution / Zhang Laosan, a ® Click here to “share”..