32 things that must be done in cycling, wonderful and absolutely worth it!

Life lies in experience.

Riding is one of the best ways.

32 riding experiences, how many have you tried? Ride in Tibet once in your lifetime, Sichuan Tibet, Yunnan Tibet, Xinzang, Bingcha There is always a route worth challenging.

Riding in Xinjiang and Tibet is nothing new, but there are fewer people riding in Xinjiang, and new Tibet is no less beautiful and dangerous than Tibet.

It is a good place to ride.

Ride once Taiwan rides on China’s largest island, blowing the Pacific wind.

Is there anything better than this? How can you ride around Hainan without Hainan? Its beauty needs you to feel.

Ride Qinghai Lake, a plateau holy lake with low altitude, the kingdom of birds and the world of rape flowers.

Go and experience it! Ride the Grand Canal.

The beauty and humanities along the Beijing Hangzhou Grand Canal are valuable.

Go and see them with your bike.

Riding a wall road is a challenge for the brave.

A ride to the northernmost Mohe Arctic village is definitely worth a visit, Aurora, forest, blue sky Ride the Silk Road, starting from the ancient capital Xi’an, all the way west, looking for the sound of camel bells and the history of crossing thousands of years.

Ride once.

There are many lakes in the East and northeast, with beautiful scenery and pleasant climate.

Many also have bicycle lanes.

It is a good place to ride.

Ride around China once.

Many people have the dream of Huanhua in their hearts.

Why not realize it? Riding all over your hometown, there are many classic riding routes everywhere.

In fact, a lot of beauty is around us.

Have you ridden all the routes near your hometown? Cycling in Southeast Asia is the first stop for many people to go abroad.

Foreign cycling often starts from then on.

Do you have a plan to ride in Southeast Asia? There is nothing impossible to ride across Asia and Europe.

Some people have begun to challenge.

Bicycles can take us anywhere we want to go.

There are many cycling competitions on an international competition route, such as tour France, tour West, tour Italy, Paris rube classic, etc.

maybe we can’t participate in these competitions, but we can ride these routes.

Taking beautiful photos during riding and keeping wonderful moments with photos is a very practical skill.

Every bit of riding can be recorded with it.

Make a riding video.

Now UAVs are very popular.

You can also shoot magnificent blockbusters.

You are the protagonist.

Making a ride themed film must be that many friends have participated in broken wind.

Maybe it’s just a shot, but it’s also a ride experience worth remembering in life, don’t you think? We all have our own idols to ride with our favorite professional drivers.

It’s definitely something we dream of riding with them, even if we will be blown up.

It’s really difficult to ride together, but group photos are still possible.

It must be a good experience to open a shop related to cycling and turn your hobby into a career.

You don’t have to open a bicycle shop.

Cycling themed cafes are also a good choice, but it’s really not so easy to earn money.

Maybe we can’t open our own car shop.

Maybe we won’t really turn our hobby into a career.

But for the student party, it’s also excellent to go to the car shop for a part-time job in the summer vacation.

At least we don’t ask for people to repair the car in the future.

A person rides a bike, a person rides a bike, a person is alone, a person thinks, and a person can do whatever he wants.

Looking for a riding TA, the most romantic thing I can think of is riding with my beloved TA, which must be a beautiful experience.

Take a set of riding themed wedding photos.

The wedding photos have already become nothing new.

Why don’t you change it? Riding themed wedding photos are definitely worth trying.

Do a bicycle wedding? Who says the wedding car must be a car, can’t a bicycle? Green and environmentally friendly, it is the first choice for motorists to get married.

Couples ride a long distance.

It’s nice to ride with TA once.

Long distance riding is even more important to experience.

It can not only deepen feelings, but also abuse dogs.

It’s necessary to let more people know the benefits of pulling people into the pit.

Take action quickly and let more people join in.

Come to 4 + 24 + 2.

Now more and more people are playing.

Have a chance to experience it.

Take a bicycle to take a train.

There are many places in the world where bicycles can be taken directly to the train.

Do you want to experience it? Assemble a bicycle, from parts to the whole vehicle, and complete all this with your own hands, you will have a great sense of achievement.

Ride in a no man’s land, bid farewell to the noise of the city, bid farewell to the annoyance of the network, bid farewell to the complex human feelings, and ride in the most primitive place (on the premise of safety).

Riding makes you stronger.

Riding is fitness, not destroying your body, and feeling the process of becoming stronger.

This is the health experience that riding brings us.

What special riding experience do you have?..