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Journey introduction: In the evening, we should go back to Shiga.

In order to avoid excessive fatigue driving, we should drive north in the morning and go home directly through Nara city in the evening.

The cycling route is also a tour around the Nara Basin to explore East Osaka, which is actually quite boring, and it is too hot in the afternoon, and I almost fell asleep on the ride…

I just got a little moving after nightfall, and I still like the feeling that the cold wind slightly seeps into my skin.

See and hear: The scene of waking up on Yoshino Mountain While eating breakfast and watching the news, the mother and daughter said that crosstalk was OK.

Farewell to the luxury hotel I am really reluctant to leave and want to stay for a few more days.

The characteristic license plate of this bird in the south of Nara is really beautiful.

I parked my car in the hot spring, and there were many people on the roadside to refuel me at the beginning This place name is also powerful, I don’t know what religion it is (not the same way, but also good mountains and good waters, until the inflatable chicken stopped me…

riding along the river, it seems to have arrived at the wood production base.

Yamaguchi Group is here (this road is on the other side of Yoshinagawa, yesterday came back from the opposite road, there is also a flower market on the side of the road…

The opposite guy is a little serious, it seems to be coming to exercise.

Yoshino Mountain foot, it seems to be really a wood production base (The villages and towns at the foot of the mountain are very beautiful.

This is funny and a little like Transformers.

My bike is really beautiful, colorful>

Fortunately, there are a few businesses in the B&B, or I would not be able to respond to the call of the government every day…

I would like to rush with heavy clothes and laugh it off.

This TM I said why there is an iron fence, and it is OK for someone to jump down and die…

This is how hard it is to jump down…

Japan’s population reduction It’s not without reason The police car is OK.

These brands are more nonsense than each other Although it should not work, this vending machine is already a cultural relic.

Guanyin and snail are OK.

You are also enchanting Are you all waiting for the bus At the place where the photo was taken yesterday evening, the heat map was connected again.

I just thought I could bear it in the morning and eat until noon…

but I didn’t bear it.

I ate two buns of dumplings, or I might not see lunch…

Finally, I arrived in the city and had dinner>

The strategy is prepared in advance, and where you can eat is marked on the guidebook…

The restaurant that was checked yesterday is a set meal of 800 yen, which can be added randomly, with 200 drinks and 400 refreshments.

Although I spent money to eat two buns, I still ate three bowls of rice.

It’s so rare to see this kind of theater in this small town.

I think of the “Shallow Grass Boy” that I like very much from the Internet before, and the tap dance in the elevator.

I like to see this brand when I am sleepy.

The father and son holding the “samurai sword” in front of the convenience store are very fond of love.

Find him! That’s 3 million yen! Muji is OK to go to the countryside.

The roadside car is magnificent~~The street lamp billboard for school uniforms also has a kind of conciliatory atmosphere.

The three-wheel station is simple enough.

Go further on the edge of prohibition (The opposite side of the station is also very pleasant.

The Sanlun Mingshen Great God Shrine, the Palace of the First National Palace of the Great Harmony, is still the Palace of the First National Palace of the Great Harmony.

The Palace of the First National Palace of the Great Harmony is much more beautiful than the one near the River.

It is not enough to live in a single bird’s house.

There are many Tianma, but not many Tianlu…

The intersection is complicated…

The billboard is OK…

The shop in the countryside is more imaginative.

Even if you don’t understand Japanese, you can see this huge statue and you will know that it is bamboo.

Nara The south is really hard to ride.

The limited urban roads are full of cars, which is much more comfortable than the riverside roads.

Boots mean socks in Japanese.

This place called Guangling is the place to make socks.

Have a half-price ice cream and watch the sunset.~I drank it before it was dark when I saw the uncle outside It’s understandable that the scarecrow is at liberty, but it’s too The street under the setting sun.

Explore Osaka Prefecture~~Chase the sunset all the way until it falls to the horizon.

Today is the day to indulge in cold drinks The World Peace and Unity Family Union, of course, was the United Church at the forefront of the storm last year.

This is in Nara County.

As for the success of the name change, it is another story that has set off a huge wave in Japanese politics.

This mascot is also fascinating It was so hot in the afternoon that I almost fell asleep on my bike…

I just got a little moving after the night.

I still like the feeling that the cold wind slightly seeps into my skin.~~I raced all the way to the end.

It’s OK to watch cars in the bath The mascot of Nara Prefecture can be selected as the ugliest mascot in Japan, and it will probably win the championship in a row.

You can even have a private bath for 2500 yen more I can’t understand 500 yen and a cup of Red Bull Use up the vouchers and go home, hey><2023.01.28 in the afternoon to congratulate Otsu.