Xianning man was arrested for stealing auto parts after riding more than 200 kilometers to Macheng

Since the rectification of discipline and style, Macheng Public Security has made great efforts to improve the political loyalty and work execution of the team, ensuring that discipline has been strengthened, style has been changed, efficiency has been improved, and image has been improved.

To provide strong discipline guarantee for the “beautiful start” and “wonderful whole year” of all work in 2023.

In order to escape the police’s punishment, a man drove more than 200 kilometers at night and fled to Macheng City to steal the “three-way catalytic converter” of the car.

After the crime was successful, he returned overnight.

Unexpectedly, the first time he fled to Macheng City to commit a crime was in the hands of the police.

The origin of the case recently, the Nanhu Police Station of Macheng City Public Security Bureau has received an alarm from residents Zhang and Wang that the “three-way catalytic converter” of two cars parked in the Minji section of Macheng City Mabai Highway was stolen, with a total loss value of more than 5000 yuan.

After receiving the alarm, the Macheng police immediately launched the “1+4” major investigation and combat system in accordance with the police mechanism of “city and county main battle, police station main defense”, organized the criminal investigation team, the Nanhu police station and other departments to set up a special case team to carry out the investigation and case solving work.

The police in the special case team carefully investigated the scene of the crime and asked the victims about the process of the crime in detail; And immediately take the scene of the crime as the center to carry out visits to find suspicious clues.

According to the investigation of the police, the suspect has a strong sense of anti investigation, and often chooses to commit crimes at parking places in remote and unsupervised sections.

The time of committing crimes is generally from 0 a.m.

to 5 a.m., and there are not many valuable clues left at the scene In order to make a breakthrough in the case investigation, the police found that similar cases were very similar in terms of the time and method of committing the crime by studying and analyzing the collected clues.

Therefore, it was concluded that the recent case of the stolen catalytic converter might be committed by the same suspect, and the case was investigated together.

By means of visiting, touching and video tracking, and with the support of the integrated special class of “emotion, indication and action”, the police found a suspicious vehicle near the scene of the crime, which changed its license plate number many times, and was suspected of committing a major crime.

The suspect vehicle investigated by the police carried out work around the suspect vehicle.

The police in the special case team found that the driver of the vehicle, Bi Mou (male, 42 years old, from Xianning City, Hubei Province), had a history of drug abuse and was investigated by the police for drug abuse and theft for many times.

Through further investigation, the police determined that Bi was suspected of committing a major crime and found out his hiding place in Xianning City.

On January 31, the police of the special task force immediately rushed to Xianning to carry out work.

At about 19:00 on the same day, Bi was caught on the spot in Xian’an District of Xianning City by waiting.

After interrogation, the suspect Bi confessed to the crime of stealing the “three-way catalytic converter”.

According to the investigation on the scene of the suspect’s identification, since January 2023, the suspect Bi has driven the vehicle overnight with a sleeve, a hacksaw blade and other crime tools.

Centering on Xianning City, he has used the means of changing fake license plates to travel to Macheng City, Wuhan City and other places for many times to steal the “three-way catalytic converter” of the vehicle for the sale of an SUV model.

At present, suspect Bi has been taken criminal coercive measures by the Macheng police according to law, and the case is being further tried.

The police reminded 1.

Driver friends should check the vehicle regularly, and try to choose a place with someone to watch when parking at night.


If you park in an open area, you should choose a area with large traffic and video monitoring.


If conditions permit, the vehicle can be equipped with an electronic anti-theft system, and the anti-theft nuts for the exposed valuable parts of the vehicle can be replaced to increase the difficulty of theft.

If any suspicious person is found, call the 110 alarm number in time.

Source: Criminal Investigation Brigade of Macheng Public Security Bureau.