Why is cycling one of the best cross training methods for running

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When runners consider cross training, they will have countless choices.

However, not all options will have the same effect.

When choosing the type of cross training, runners need to consider very specific issues, such as whether the muscle and system training is similar to running, and whether they provide something that running does not have.

Considering these, cycling is one of the best options for runners to cross train.

Why do you say so? 1.

Strengthening the calf muscles will bring great pressure to the calf muscles.

The soleus muscle is most affected when landing in the middle of the foot.

Therefore, when riding a bike, place the sole of your foot in the center of the pedal.

Make the contact point of the foot on the pedal the same as the contact point of the foot on the road when the midfoot hits.

When you stand up and ride, your calves must be used to stabilize your feet on the pedals.


Strengthen the tibialis anterior muscle When in a sitting position, the tibialis anterior muscle (tibialis anterior muscle) activates and pulls the pedal upward during the upward stroke of the pedal.

This is the most common situation when climbing mountains.

The foot must be kept horizontal when going up, and the pedal with a specific device must be used to pull up.

This may help prevent muscle based tibia problems during running, as this kind of exercise in pedaling activates and strengthens the tibialis anterior muscle.


Core Strength A strong core is important for the correct running form, and will reduce the chance of injury due to mechanical compensation when other muscles have to keep you upright, balanced and moving forward.

In order to improve your core competence when riding a bike, you need to ensure that you use the right form of riding to enhance your core competence.

When riding uphill, cyclists with weak core often show excessive left and right (tilt and rotation) movement of upper body.

On the contrary, if your core is working, your upper body should have little or no movement.

Most amateur cyclists keep their bikes in a vertical position and move their bodies and hips up onto the bikes.

The correct form is to lean the bike to the left and right, and maintain a nearly static and upright torso posture.

From the performance point of view, this can keep the hips on the same plane and minimize the dead point in pedal travel.

From the perspective of muscle training, emphasize the core part to make the bike tilt laterally while keeping the body still and centered above the bike.


Building an Aerobic Engine Many running injuries are overtraining.

Whether you are talking about long-distance running or mileage accumulation, the longer you stand, the greater the chance of injury.

The most common reason is fatigue, which leads to the collapse of running form.

Cycling, which focuses on endurance riding, can give runners good aerobic exercise.

As an added benefit, cyclists can shift gears to reduce or maintain their effort when climbing mountains – a choice that runners do not have! 5.

The enhanced anaerobic system is suitable for high-intensity interval training just like long-distance running.

Whether it is outdoor or indoor riding platform.

Cycling intervals are a good way to replicate the intensity of running exercises.

Although they can increase the tension of the heart, lungs and overall muscles, they will not improve specific running muscles and neuromuscular pathways.

Therefore, cycling exercise should be used as a supplement rather than a substitute for running intervals as much as possible.

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