What should I do when I encounter road rage patients on the road?

Let me ask you a question: Will you crash when you encounter a driver shouting at you? Let’s take a look at how to deal with him (research system).

If you often ride to and from work, you must have encountered such a situation: there is a motor vehicle passing by, and there is a driver who sees a cyclist passing by, but his face is full of discontent, and then try to seize the road ahead of you.

If you are lucky enough, you may encounter such drivers: from the perspective of your riding, for example, the visibility of night riding, the light of the road where you stop halfway, and so on.

But usually, you will encounter a group of people with road rage, who rush through you or even overtake you and occupy the road, and then shout or scold at you, which is simply unreasonable.

I often encounter such situations.

At this time, I will choose to write down all my experiences and emotions in my heart, which will make me feel better.

But what if you encounter this situation again next time? Carl Larson, a bicycle advocate from the Polish Cycling Transport Federation, and I can put forward some expert opinions on how to deal with this kind of incident in which drivers shout at riders.

As a cyclist, we are usually the vulnerable party in such conflicts, so ensuring safety is our first priority, rather than fighting with them (car drivers) to make the situation worse.

He said: “Remember, when you treat this kind of person, you are not facing a rational person, so if you fight back or refute him, it is not a good way to respond, but to record the other party’s license plate number before things become unclear.

This is a wise way.” Be aware that your original intention is not to win in this shouting competition, Or try to change the driver’s mind, no matter how many witty retorts you have in your heart.

If you must respond to this, do not let the already tense scene become more intense, but give the car driver a humanitarian reminder at the beginning.

“I found that there is a very efficient way to deal with it, that is, you say to him (car driver), ‘You scared me,’ which can make these car drivers with road rage relieved a lot at once, Larson said.

“If you had to use body language to express the situation at that time, then you should give him a thumbs-up sign or wave friendly to him.

Because the driver is angry or angry, it doesn’t mean you have to fight with him.” What if the driver gets off? Larson said that it is not an embarrassing thing to ride away when facing such a situation that he is unwilling to face.

Although it is not illegal to shout in the street, if you really feel that you are under personal attack, you should avoid him first, ride to a safe place, and then call the police.

But before that, make sure you have seen the other party’s car, such as the appearance and license plate number, if time permits.

If you see other riders encounter this situation, you should stay nearby for a period of time in case you can testify for him when necessary.

Of course, cycling to and from work is actually very interesting – to enjoy such fun, the premise is that we should abide by the road traffic rules, and try not to touch those things that will bring you negative emotions.

Although it may make you feel good to hit back at the other party (the car driver with road rage) when you are unhappy, don’t forget that in addition to cycling to and from work, you also play a very important role as an ambassador for maintaining road safety and peace.

So don’t destroy such a positive image because of your behavior.

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