Wearing helmet for warmth and safety

In the colder and colder winter, it shows the importance of helmets for your riding.

Wearing helmets not only protects against cold and keeps you warm, but also keeps you safe.

For riders, safety helmets are the key to life in case of accidents.

Safety around helmets is often used to improve the traffic safety awareness of electric vehicle drivers and riders in the whole area, and reduce injuries caused by not wearing helmets in traffic accidents, The Traffic Police Brigade of Longhushan Public Security Branch took a combination of dynamic patrol and fixed-point inspection, continued to carry out the campaign of persuading and rectifying electric bicycles to wear safety helmets in a standardized manner, increased road inspections, timely advised and corrected illegal behaviors such as not wearing safety helmets, strengthened the normalization and long-term rectification, and urged them to wear helmets correctly.

According to statistics, 46 cases of not wearing safety helmets, 118 cases of not wearing safety belts and more than 100 safety helmets have been investigated and dealt with recently.

Not wearing a safety helmet&the comparison of wearing a safety helmet again emphasizes that you should wear a safety helmet when riding a motorcycle or electric bicycle.

It is a safety guarantee on the road.

When wearing a safety helmet, the helmet and the head should be kept parallel.

The edge of the helmet should be about 1 cm above the eyebrows, and the width of about two fingers should be left at the harness below the head.

Remember, the safety buckle must be buckled and adjusted to a suitable angle.

There should be no shaking from left to right, and no tilting forward or backward.

Traffic safety is related to the happiness of every family and the harmony and stability of the whole society.

In order to jointly create a safe, smooth, civilized and orderly road traffic environment, villagers (residents) in the scenic area are invited to support and participate in the “One Helmet Belt” safety protection action.

When driving a motorcycle or electric vehicle, you should correctly wear a safety helmet of appropriate size that meets the safety requirements, and fasten the helmet belt.

For the safety of you and your family, let’s take action together, starting from ourselves and now, consciously wear helmets and fasten seat belts, so that the “One Helmet Belt” will become a symbol of civilization in the scenic area, the cornerstone of civilized transportation, and the guarantee of safe travel..