To you on the road in the new year

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Thank you for your support! The Spring Festival has gradually gone away with the sound of firecrackers.

The new year, a new starting point, let’s dust off the wheels together, bathe our body and mind with the sunshine of the Spring Festival, and refresh our spirit.

In the new year, we will raise the sail of hope and ride the ideal road of life.

Starting from today, don’t care about the eyes of others.

Everyone has his own way of life.

The road is at his feet.

You will be more powerful in the future, and you will thank yourself for loving cycling now.

From today on, you can ride, get close to nature, get out of the noise of the city, and get away from the noise of the world.

You are greeted by the towering mountains, gurgling water, the slow weeds on the roadside, the swaying flowers, the vast fields in the distance, the strange pines and rocks, the white clouds in the sky and the boundless blue sky.

Start riding today and make clear your goal.

When you have determined your goal and are ready to ride, an impulse will be generated in your body.

It will mobilize your emotions and strength, let you go forward bravely, and enjoy the new feeling brought by challenging yourself and nature.

Start riding today to improve your strength.

It’s a long distance, and you need to step by step.

Strength is speed.

Don’t be frightened by the hard work when you climb the slope.

You should know that the height will raise your vision and let you see the farther and more beautiful scenery.

From today on, you can ride and understand life.

Between heaven and earth, mountains and rivers are the coordinates of time and space, which brings us intuitive philosophical thinking, tells us what is the width and length of life, and nothing can record everything in front of you silently like them.

The cyclist is the most energetic person, and also the person who knows happiness most and enjoys happiness most.

If your weight does not increase because of laziness, and your appearance does not decrease because of age, then you will keep youth, happiness and health on the road of cycling.

If you are unique, you must love yourself to ride and be the most real yourself in 2023.

Come on, to you on the road!.