The purpose of riding is different, but they are all the same kind of people!

There are three kinds of cycling.

The first is leisure riding, the second is the practice with one goal, and the third is competition.

The purposes of cycling are very different.

The first kind of leisure riding is the simplest.

You can ride alone, ride a bike, and wander around.

You can also travel with friends for three or five times.

Don’t ask why you are going.

You can ride and stop.

You can corrupt yourself.

You can take photos in various positions, take pictures with various expressions and actions, scissors, curl up your legs, and talk nonsense…

Hip hop is more fun than fun…

Why? Why? Why? Don’t ask me why I am happy.

The second kind of stretching is generally that there are also some riders who are passionate about cycling.

In order to achieve the goals of 200 km, 300 km and 400 km, for example, to prove themselves, the road is not for the sake of scenery, but only for the purpose of moving forward.

In the sweat and hot sun, they will not stop until they reach their goals.

The third kind of competition is a challenge to prove your ability limit.

It is only to play your best.

It is extraordinary to be able to play with many experts, even if it is the last one.

Some small experiences are also shared with you, which may help you ride your bike.

For those who don’t wear lockable shoes, some small details are as follows: (1) Please pay attention – shoelaces – this is the most easily overlooked one – shoelaces float freely outside, sometimes catch the tooth plate, which has unexpected trouble.

The correct way is to fasten the shoelaces inside the two or three layers of staggered shoelaces, so there is no chance to hang the tooth plate.

(2) Please pay attention to the brake – make more use of the front brake, I won’t say much about that (III) Sunscreen arm cover, leg cover, sunscreen is an eternal topic, which is a dilemma for everyone.

(4) Drinking water and sweating on a bike are perfectly normal.

Drinking water is essential, but there is something to say, sweat takes away a lot of salt, so drinking water alone is obviously not enough.

It is better to put a packet of rehydration salt into the kettle, which is economical and cost-effective, and the effect is very good.

(5) Consciously anticipate an emergency when you have nothing to do, and make a plan to prepare for it, such as a broken tire, brake failure, machine failure, and so on.

This will prevent you from being at a loss when many accidents occur, and you don’t know how to deal with them, thus losing the best time to repair them.

(6) This may be one of the most important two links that most people neglect: preparing before cycling – also called warm-up, and cooling after cycling – also called relaxation.

In fact, these two links determine how long your sports career will last and avoid injuries.

Many people use slow cycling instead of warming up, which is a bad behavior, because the muscles used by cycling are only part of the muscles of the upper and lower legs – and warming up is a whole body activity.

It is a great mistake to use slow cycling to awaken the exercise muscles.

This bad habit is easily entangled in excessive exercise of some muscles, resulting in numbness and cramps.

The warm-up is divided into three stages.

The first stage is to exercise the muscles, starting with small arms, legs, and legs.

At this time, gymnastics in primary schools and middle schools is the best example.

The second stage is to increase the activity, swing the legs, move the arms to a large extent, and swing the arms from side to side to touch the opposite toes.

The third stage is more extensive exercise, quick leg raising step, hot dance action, and dynamic action.

The purpose is to open the body from low intensity activities until the body adapts to a certain amount of exercise, until it adapts to a certain amount of exercise, so that the muscle toughness and strength can be maximized when cycling to avoid unnecessary accidental injuries.

What will you do with the back cover after riding? Is it as simple as taking a bath and eating after stopping? It’s obviously not.

It’s better to cool down first, and suddenly stop to enter the cold state.

The impact on the body is not inferior to that of riding a bike without warming up.

How to cool down? The warm-up trilogy is to do the opposite.

It’s so simple that ordinary people don’t tell him.

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