The partners you know on the bike are great, but they can only be riders. The underground can’t see the light

Riding friends know good friends, but they can only be riding friends.

The underground can’t see the light.

Lao Lu’s riding skills are the best among the riding friends in the whole team.

He can throw his hands in five kilometers, get on the car and jump up directly.

The flexibility doesn’t match the actual age at all.

Of course, it is not these that attract Anquan.

Lao Lu is the boss of a company.

He loves cycling.

As long as there is nothing special on weekends, he will take part in cycling.

They have a group of cycling enthusiasts.

There are many cycling enthusiasts in it, but some people just like it and don’t often participate in cycling.

A group of more than 300 people, but more than 30 people really participate in cycling.

Old Lu is the number of these people who often participate, and Anquan is also the number of these people.

Before meeting with An Quan, no one knew Lao Lu’s identity.

They all thought he was an old urchin.

Like Zhou Botong, he liked to play and beauty.

At first, Ann Quan didn’t know it like everyone else, but then she got it by chance.

This made Anquan look at Lao Lu in a new light.

Because of his good feeling, he looked at him a few more times.

That is to say, a few more eyes cause trouble.

Men like to be noticed by women.

Once they find out which woman looks at them more, they will go crazy.

There are a lot of female riders in the group, and many are beautiful, but especially beautiful ones, such as the lotus flowers, the moon is closed, the country is beautiful, and the country is beautiful.

Most of them can only be called beautiful.

An Quan is one of the few numbers that can be seen by men.

Especially when she looks at men a few times, things come out.

An Quan looked at Old Lv twice more, which made Old Lv’s whole soul be taken away.

Every day I put my mind on Anquan and always look at him subconsciously.

In fact, in the whole cycling team, Lao Lu was definitely not the first to see Anquan in this way.

He was just one of many people who saw Anquan in this way.

However, the only one who let Anquan see more was Lao Lu.

Although An Quan and Lao Lv are somewhat attracted to each other and close to each other, Lao Lv is not a man like Ximen Qing, and An Quan is not Pan Jinlian.

Although there are many pairs of wild mandarin ducks in the cycling team, it is not uncommon.

However, they have been riding in the team for a long time and have never broken through the abnormal relationship.

They didn’t know each other until another spring, when Anquan dodged a motorcycle coming from the opposite direction when he turned the corner of the mountain road, and even turned into the side ditch with his car.

However, this recognition seems to be an opportunity given by God.

An Quan, who turned into the side ditch, was injured badly.

Old Lv, who had been deliberately not far from and not close to him, saw that Anquan was so distressed.

He did not hesitate to jump into the side ditch to save Anquan, regardless of the danger of falling into the abyss if he was careless.

This moved Anquan very much.

In fact, few of the rescued women were not touched.

Because of the depth of the ditch, Old Lv wanted to push Anquan out, but too high Old Lv pushed it several times and didn’t push it out.

Old Lv then went to the bottom of the ditch and let Anquan step on him.

He carried Anquan too high, and then let Anquan climb up.

In this case, Old Lvcai carried Anquan on his back.

An Quan was badly hurt and couldn’t move because of the pain in his leg.

Old Lu judged that he must have injured the bone and must be treated immediately.

Seeing this, Lao Lu called and asked the car to come.

The car came very fast.

The car came very fast.

It was even more timely than the ambulance.

When I got out of the car, I saw Lao Lu, the director of the board of directors, and the chairman of the board of directors nodded respectfully.

At this time, Anquan knew that Lao Lu was a big boss.

Without delay, Old Lv directly sent An Quan to an orthopedic hospital for treatment.

Although at the beginning, Old Lv accompanied Anquan, but when Anquan’s family came, Old Lv dared not come close to Anquan.

He could only approach Anquan when they were away.

It was just as luxurious to serve Anquan.

Although Lao Lu was very aggrieved, he completely captured Anquan.

They changed their normal relationship on this single bed.

It can be said that a successful man like Lao Lu has no shortage of beautiful women around him.

It is not too much to use beautiful women like clouds.

An Quan felt that he was in love with Lao Lv.

He hated me for being born late and I hated you for being born early.

An Quan knew that Lao Lu would not divorce because of her, and she would not divorce because of her.

After all, they live in reality, not in a vacuum, and their faces cannot be ignored.

However, Anquan could not deceive his true feelings.

Although old Lu was old, his performance was refreshing.

Although Anquan’s husband Gao Qing is young, he has never given her the feeling that Lao Lu gave her.

To be honest, his husband Gao Qing is as tasteless as chicken ribs.

Sometimes, An Quan really wants to marry and divorce him, but he doesn’t know who will take him in.

Maybe Lao Lv will take it in, but it must be the life of a golden house, like a golden sparrow.

An Quan doesn’t want the life of a canary.

She doesn’t want to be kept.

She is an intellectual woman.

She hates the word and is called this name.

She is not a woman who lives by selling meat.

She has her own dignity.

Moreover, she felt that if she was taken care of, it would be a depravity, and her value would fall.