The five sports that can make you feel good most are cycling!

Pay attention to the “riding king” and watch the world ride! Scientific research has confirmed that exercise can not only improve physical health, but also mental health.

Which kind of exercise can make you feel better? The researchers explored the relationship between sports and mental health, and found that group sports were the most helpful for mental health, followed by cycling, and both outdoor cycling and indoor flywheel cycling had good effects.

The research report published in Lancet Psychiatry is the first report to explore the impact of different sports on mood and mental health, and the research scale is very large.

The researchers analyzed how many times and days the subjects felt “in a bad mood” due to stress, depression or emotional problems in the past month.

The results showed that sports activities that usually had to be carried out in groups could bring more help than those that were carried out alone.

The report shows that 22.3% of the people engaged in team sports such as baseball and basketball have less days of bad mood than those who do not.

Then came bicycle or flywheel.

Aerobic exercise or gym ranked third, jogging ranked fourth, and yoga and tai chi ranked fifth.

The following is the degree of mood improvement after one month of engaging in different sports: group sports 22.3% bicycle or flywheel 21.6% aerobic sports or gym 20.1% running or jogging 19% yoga or taijiquan 18.9% ice or water sports 18% walking 17.7% doing housework 11.8% the report’s main author, Adam Chekroud, an assistant professor of psychiatry at Yale University, said that group sports can bring extra help because they contain social elements, Cycling, jogging, yoga and shadowboxing can boost your mood just by doing them yourself.

Chakrau said that he hoped that further research in the future could explore more carefully why doing this particular sport can make people feel better, and try to think about whether it is possible to differentiate so that different people can find the type of exercise that can bring them the most happiness.

How long is exercise best for mental health? The researchers found that 30-60 minutes of exercise was the best for mental health, among which 45 minutes was the most helpful for improving mental health, and 3-5 times of exercise per week was the best way to reduce the days of bad mood.


Chakrau said that the more exercise, the better.

“For example, more than 90 minutes of exercise will not bring more benefits.”.

The data of this survey is an analysis of the exercise habits and mental health data that 1.2 million adults in the United States have answered to the Disease Control Bureau.

To some extent, this does not belong to random sampling, nor can it explain whether people who are in a bad mood have little motivation to exercise.

However, the report can still show the correlation between exercise and mental health.

On average, no matter what kind of sports you are engaged in, as long as you exercise, the days in bad mood in a month can be reduced from 3.4 days to 2 days.

“You can say that as long as you exercise, you can improve your mental health by 43%,” Dr.

Chakrau said.

In people who have been diagnosed with depression tendency, the effect of exercise on improving mood is particularly obvious; Previous studies have also shown that antidepressants combined with exercise are more effective than drugs alone.

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