The first time to find and eat biking food, do you have a date?

Finally, I have the opportunity to take you to eat, drink and wait for a long time.

The first session of Food Hunting and Cycling came.

Because of my limited personal ability, I also got together with Mobike and Meituan to invite you to spend the night in Guangzhou.

I got on the bike and blew the river wind to form a group to eat and drink.

Orange City came to ride a wonderful night.

We prepared food and games, and we also decided the route.

Our purpose is to contract you for a night of “dinner+drinks+supper”, Slide down to see the picture, and you will know that you can enjoy eating hot food, drinking and having fun for two hours, and you will also like to mention a chance to ride to lose weight.

You can find a good way to eat delicious food.

Three restaurants, the first stop, New York Food Bar, and New York Food Bar.

It can be said that it is an antique in Guangzhou’s western food industry.

Fat people who love western food know it visually, The first stop of the ride is the New York Dining Bar Address: 70 Zhongshan Fifth Road.

What can I eat on the fifth floor of Jiedeng Metropolitan Building from Unit L5010 No.


American Caribbean style baked string 2.

Fruit wood baked triangle fat cattle.

The second stop is Hi.

Tea teahouse.


Tea lemon tea, which meets everywhere in Guangzhou, seems to be a tea break place for young people.

It is often full of people from inside to outside, For example, the address of the Hi Tea teahouse outside our company is 60 meters south of the intersection of Changtang Street and Zhongshan Fourth Road.

What kind of addictive lemon tea or cheese watermelons can we eat that night? One noodle shop at the third stop.

It is also a regular customer of a certain food list in Guangzhou.

When it comes to wonton noodles, I think most people will think of it first.

One noodle shop address is No.

11, Jianshe Sixth Road.

What kind of five treasure wonton noodles can we eat that night A note of homemade chili sauce.

So, shall we have a ride? All of the above will be the food and benefits of the riding night.

There will be a game link when you ride to the store and offer them to everyone.

I hope you can enjoy it.

So, can we make an appointment with Howto where to sign up.