The essence of riding is like this!

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Thank you for your support! It must be hard for everyone to work and live every day, but many cyclists still insist on cycling, which many people will not understand.

In fact, only those who understand the sport can understand the happiness of cycling.

The “hardship” of riding is completely different from that of working and living.

Work is a part of life, and it is the basis for you to earn money and support your family.

The charm of cycling is to consume physical strength and relax; Consume time and get happiness.

Ride in the blue sky and white clouds, leave the noise of the city, go to the suburbs, bathe in the sun, breathe fresh air, sometimes stop to embrace the earth, sometimes settle down to feel the breath of nature.

Riding is simple happiness, and feel your own fun.

Riding outside can’t avoid rescue and being rescued.

Help others get a smile; Many friends who love cycling must have met with such simple and direct feelings as receiving help with gratitude.

Riding is not about how far and how long you will ride.

You should set a small goal for yourself to feel the sense of achievement to achieve the goal.

On weekends, friends and even more enthusiasts can walk on the country roads together, feel the endless nature, the local customs and everything along the way, record the beautiful cycling journey, and get a happy cycling experience.

Who has had a smooth riding career without any pain or difficulty? Isn’t this just like our life? No matter how difficult it is, we need to face it bravely! Why don’t you try to get off the bike?..