The difference between an old cyclist and a novice cyclist is here!

The pyramid was not built in a day, and the Great Wall was not built in a day.

Cycling is also from novice Xiaobai to expert Dashen.

So what is the difference between novice Xiaobai and old driver? Old bird: Old bird pays more attention to car selection, pays more attention to body configuration and riding experience, and finally the appearance.

Determine the budget, determine the brand, and then go to the store to test and compare the three stores before considering whether to start or not.

Novice: First of all, it’s important to look at the appearance and whether the car is handsome or not.

Second, it’s not good to pay attention to the car body configuration for the speed of the car.

Generally, when you buy a car, you will feel that it is not easy to ride it when you are excited! Old bird in the maintenance section: After a certain number of kilometers, the maintenance can be carried out by yourself at home.

Usually, the greatest pleasure is to clean the car, clean every corner, and then maintain the chain.

Novice: I don’t know my car very well.

I can only ride it to the store for maintenance and spend more money on craft.

But slowly, I will also study my own car.

There is also some terrible chain oil dripping onto the disc Old bird: check the car to ensure there are no safety hazards on the road, wear a helmet, and warm up and start! Novice: As soon as the car arrived, I couldn’t wait to ride it.

I didn’t have the consciousness of wearing a helmet.

I even played with my mobile phone and made phone calls while riding.

The old bird of riding: go out and do enough homework, take necessary things, see good scenery, stop and take photos, and take a rest to recover strength.

If you encounter a small problem, you can solve it yourself and continue on the road.

Novice: I went out happily and rode for several hours continuously.

I found that I was tired after a long distance ride.

Many things I took were useless.

If there was any problem on the way, I had to ask for help.

The most powerful thing I met was that I never rode to Chengdu to buy equipment and then went to the Sichuan-Tibet line.

The old bird of climbing: make a climbing training plan at ordinary times, challenge to climb long and steep slopes, use correct climbing skills, climb so easily, and successfully climb the top of the sense of achievement, really addictive! Novice: It took nine cows and two tigers to reach the top.

The posture was deformed and the ground was screaming.

My heart beats faster and my muscles ache.

I don’t want to climb again next time.

An old bird who has turned the corner; Observe the road section before turning.

There are no retrograde cars, no sand and stones.

It is smooth on the whole.

On rainy days or when the ground is wet and slippery, adjust the speed and release the brake before entering the corner to prevent the tire from slipping due to the loss of grip when driving on a smooth surface.

Novice: There is a bend ahead.

Is it OK to turn the tap? The speed is a little fast.

I brake quickly.

I’m about to enter the corner.

I feel a little nervous, but I passed the corner safely.

I still feel some skills from it.

The old bird of riding in rainy days: watch the weather forecast in advance, change the equipment when it rains, avoid the zebra crossing, double white line, manhole cover, water and potholes that are easy to cause skidding, keep a longer safe distance from the companion while riding, and increase the braking buffer time to protect your safety.

I’m happy even if I throw mud all over.

Install the fender? That’s impossible.

Novice: Unexpectedly, it rained today.

It was so cold that I found a place to hide.

It was easy to slip on the road.

Fortunately, I didn’t fall off the car.

The first thing to go home is to install a fender.

I swear I will never ride a bike again in the rain..