Ten functions you don’t know about riding helmets. Learn more and have fewer accidents!

The function of bicycle helmet: anti-collision, prevention of branches and leaves from hitting, prevention of flying rocks from hitting, diversion of rain, breathability, and acceleration.

The helmet with brim can prevent sun, and the reflective sign on the helmet can also prevent accidental collision when riding at night.

It does protect the head.

It forms a buffer zone between the collision object and the head in the event of an accident, which can effectively reduce external damage to the head.

This is the same as wearing a motorcycle helmet.

However, this buffering effect is limited and can only minimize the injury.

It is impossible to ensure that the head can be protected from injury in case of an accident, so don’t forget the importance of safe driving.

You’d better wear it for hiking in case something happens.

Although we can be careful now, anything can happen on the road, such as a drunk driver driving toward you, some of the ground is slippery, etc.

So don’t take a chance and regret for life.

How to choose? Choosing a helmet that suits you can not only ensure safety, but also make you more handsome.

What is the right helmet? The helmet edge on your forehead is at the center of your eyebrows.

The helmet will not rotate on your head, shake from front to back, from left to right, or feel clamped.

It will protect your head easily and naturally.

The air permeability cannot be ignored.

The more air holes, the better the air permeability will be.

However, this is not a rule on the premise of ensuring safety, because some helmets do not have many air holes, But its breathability can also be achieved in design.

Helmets are the first equipment to ensure human safety, so helmets of regular manufacturers will have corresponding standard certification marks.

The Chinese who came to the United States from the Kingdom of Bicycles were stopped by the police when they were riding in the street, accusing you of violating the traffic rules.

This is a very “angry” thing.

Maybe every Chinese will think that my history of cycling in China is no better than that of an American policeman? It is true that Chinese people can ride bicycles and generally abide by the traffic rules.

But when a Chinese is caught by the American police, he often violates the bicycle traffic laws that he did not expect.

The Wenzhou police issued 585 tickets this year to riders who did not wear safety helmets on their bicycles, of which as many as half were issued in summer.

Statistics show that many tickets were still unpaid last year.

Open in summer.

Statistics show that many tickets were still unpaid last year.

Brian Montague, spokesman of the Wenzhou Police Bureau, said that so far this year, the Wenzhou police have issued 585 tickets, 257 of which were issued in June and July.

However, compared with the same period last year, the number of tickets issued this summer is only about half, indicating a downward trend in the number of tickets without helmets.

Montag said that the police will enforce the law depending on individual circumstances.

In most cases, the bill may not be issued, but for recidivists or riders who ride in dangerous ways, they will receive a ticket from the police.

If you don’t wear a helmet when riding a bicycle, you may get a ticket, but the safety helmet should conform to the size.

Wearing helmets on bicycles is a provincial-level law, and the fine of 29 yuan will be collected by British Columbia Automobile Insurance Bureau (ICBC).

If the fine is not paid in full, the driver’s license or automobile insurance will not be renewed.

ICBC data shows that only 302 of the 1823 tickets issued by the province last year have been paid.

Some experts have called on parents to set an example by wearing safety helmets when riding bicycles, but when choosing helmets for their children, they should also choose the appropriate size, otherwise the effect will be poor.

Mike Chan, a Pedalheads company that specializes in children’s bicycle safety camps, said that they urged children to wear helmets of appropriate size in the form of education and guidance, otherwise the protection effect would be poor, just like not wearing helmets.

In addition, parents should also set an example and wear safety helmets in accordance with the law when riding bicycles.

[10 Unknown Functions of Bike Helmets] In fact, there are many advantages to wearing helmets when riding a bike, probably summarized as follows: 1.

Bike helmets are too heavy—— In fact, this is no longer the case.

Today’s helmet is very light.


If I don’t ride fast, I don’t need a helmet—— There are so many “road killers” (people who don’t have driving skills but drive on the road and endanger others’ safety), you know 3.

Bike helmets are too expensive—— It is much cheaper and painless than the medicine you get when you go to the emergency room to suture your scalp.


The helmet will mess up my hair—— Yes, this is a fact.

However, if you drop a car without a bicycle helmet, it will really ruin your head.

You can consider the choice: a day of messy hair or a lifetime of rotten heads.


It looks ugly—— Error.

Wearing a helmet makes you look professional.

Drivers will respect you and give you more space to ride.

Moreover, scientists found that the rate of turning around with helmets was XX percentage points higher than that without helmets.


It’s too hot to wear a bicycle helmet—— The helmet is light, with many heat dissipation holes and super many ventilation holes.

It won’t heat up.


If I don’t ride on busy roads, I don’t need a helmet—— This is not a correct concept.

Only 10% of bicycle injuries are related to cars.

Falling is a bigger problem because of crushing stones, rolling into pits, etc.

These accidents may occur on any road.


I never fall off the car—— Probably not for the time being.

Everyone falls down sometimes.

In addition, some serious injuries are caused by a car fall.

Don’t take chances.


Wearing a helmet looks ridiculous—— There are many colors and designs of bicycle riding helmets.

You can find a helmet that makes you look handsome.


None of my friends wear helmets..