Suzhou couple “show their love” on the road! As a result, you may have to kneel on the washboard!

Recently, a couple in Wuzhong, Suzhou went out for a ride, and their wife couldn’t ride on the way.

The husband had a brainwave: it seemed a good way to show love to ride with his wife tied between two bicycles, but he was very upset! At 2 p.m.

on May 11, Wuzhong traffic police received a warning that a non motor vehicle bicycle accident had occurred.

The police officer, Mr.

Yang, said excitedly on the phone that his wife accidentally bumped into a roadside post while riding, fell to the ground and was unconscious, and needed 120 rescues.

On hearing the news, the police informed the ambulance and arranged the police to rush to the scene for disposal.

△ After Mr.

Yang’s wife was lying on the roadside and arrived at the scene, the police accidentally found that Mr.

Yang’s wife was lying in the green belt on the roadside, and Mr.

Yang squatted on the side, watching his wife at a loss and excited.

The two bicycles of Mr.

Yang and his wife were pulled together by a thin rope, which had already broken.

What is this situation? According to Mr.

Yang, this was supposed to be a romantic love story.

It turned out that Mr.

Yang and his wife went out for cycling exercise that day, but his wife could not ride on the way.


Yang, who was eager to spoil his wife, had a brainwave and took out the nylon rope he carried with him.

“Let me take the rope with you”! He pulled the two cars together with ropes, rode in front of him and led his wife behind him.

However, I didn’t ride far.

When I passed an intersection, my wife didn’t stop her car because she turned too fast.

She was immediately thrown out, hit the post and fainted on the spot.

△ Look again, it hurts! After rescue, Mr.

Yang’s wife is out of danger.

Netizen comment: It may be necessary to kneel on the washboard and the traffic police remind that the soft traction of bicycles is very dangerous.

Not only are front and rear bicycles prone to collision, which leads to out of control operation, but also the soft rope between two vehicles is easy to bring other vehicles or pedestrians down, causing traffic accidents.

“It is not advisable to show love on a bicycle, and the general public should take this as a warning.” Source: Xinhua, Modern Express, Jiangsu News Sharing Safety Concept Jointly Build Suzhou Rules Recommended Reading ■ 24 year old auxiliary police were hit and killed, which is another reason…

■ Attention! If you park like this in summer, you will be fined 200 yuan for 12 points! ■ During the construction period, the relevant sections of Jiangyin Interchange will be restricted for vehicles to pass through.

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