Six tips for novice cyclists

Cycling is easy to be addictive, and also easy to cause excessive exercise.

Riders must not defy the will of the body and force to ride a bike, which is harmful.

The following six pieces of advice, I hope you can find back the feeling of cycling.


Warming up can’t ignore some anxious riders who can’t wait to ride as soon as they put on various equipment.

This habit is not good.

Although some people will not be affected, but for a long time, problems such as cramps and sore knees will often come to your body.

No matter how long you ride and how long you ride, it is necessary to warm up fully.

Warming up can reduce sports injuries and maintain physical fitness.


Don’t ride when you are sick.

During the illness, your immunity and resistance will decline.

If you feel unwell, you should stop exercising or reduce the amount of riding, otherwise it will aggravate the disease and prolong the disease period.

If you encounter dizziness, chest tightness, chest pain and other symptoms during cycling, you should immediately stop cycling activities, and do not push hard, especially for middle-aged and elderly people, to prevent sudden death caused by sports.


Don’t ride too much.

Some young cyclists feel energetic and think that the more they ride, the better.

Excessive cycling will lead to excessive exercise, which can damage the immune function of the body and affect health.

Because people will produce more hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol during vigorous exercise, which will lead to the decline of their own immunity, dizziness, lack of balance ability, and decreased brain response.

After excessive exercise, the heart becomes hypertrophy due to excessive exercise, and the blood supply is often blocked, which is easy to cause malignant arrhythmia and sudden death.

It depends on your current physical condition and adaptability.

The amount of exercise that you feel comfortable when exercising is an appropriate amount.

The standard is to be energetic after exercise and not feel tired.

It is suggested that the fast cyclist should slow down and not lose.

It is beneficial and harmless for the slow cyclist not to catch up, and it is not wasteful to ride long distances.


Take a proper rest in the midway, whether it is a long distance or a short distance ride, it is necessary to take a proper rest and supply.

It is generally recommended that when the training and competition time is more than 2 hours of intense exercise, you must supplement food once every 40-60 minutes, each time about 120-150 calories; At the same time, it is also recommended to drink an electrolyte drink every 15 minutes to supplement the lost sweat; Drink at least 600ml of water every hour.

Especially in hot summer, we need to pay more attention.

For ordinary people, if the supply is not enough, they will be unable to move forward until the liver sugar is exhausted.

Some people are prone to depression, anger, or even shock if their blood sugar is always at a low level.

Generally healthy people have a low probability of hypoglycemic coma after a long time of exercise.

For some people who have problems with their own blood glucose metabolism, especially those with diabetes, they must attach great importance to energy supplement during exercise.


Don’t drink and ride a bike Many riders like to drink a bottle of beer after riding to quench their thirst, but in fact, it is not suitable for drinking either during or after cycling.

Because the cocktail party will first excite the cerebral cortex for a short time, and then there will be a state of slow response and sleeplessness, which will reduce the ability of discrimination, attention and judgment, and affect the sense of balance and coordination of the body, which is easy to cause the risk of cycling.

In addition, alcohol can increase heart rate, myocardial oxygen consumption and blood pressure, which will increase the burden on the heart.

Even after exercise, because of the high alcohol content, it will promote the accumulation of lactic acid in muscles, slow down the elimination of lactic acid, and lead to muscle stiffness and pain after exercise; Drinking alcohol will cause electrolyte loss due to diuresis and enlarge pores, which is easy to cramp.


Don’t rest immediately after riding.

Vigorous exercise will cause a series of physiological changes in the body.

For example, the heart beats faster, the vital capacity increases, and the makeup metabolism is vigorous.

But these changes do not disappear immediately as the movement stops.

If you stop exercising immediately, it will reduce the circulating blood volume and easily cause sports syncope.

After cycling, proper jogging, stretching and other activities are conducive to adjusting the changes in the body..