Six Steps to Protect Your Butt During Riding

Almost everyone has the experience of butt discomfort during riding.

The parts touching the cushion sometimes feel uncomfortable or painful.

Fortunately, these can be avoided or mitigated through the following points.

Step 1: Feel carefully: If your lower back starts to feel stiff, you can’t ignore the damage caused by the cushion.

If you think that this is just a process, and you will adapt to it if you practice “Iron Fart Skill” slowly, you are totally wrong.

If you continue regardless of the danger signals sent by your body, you will have more serious consequences.

Step 2: Lift your butt from the cushion: even if you don’t climb the slope, standing up every 10-15 minutes to leave the cushion will help your blood flow smoothly.

Step 3: Check the position of the seat cushion: Adjust the vehicle carefully and correctly, especially when the height of the seat cushion is appropriate, which often leads to obvious riding feeling improvement, and can also prevent you from twisting around on the seat cushion.

Step 4.

Wear appropriate clothes: a pair of well fitting riding pants with pads will play a very good role in protection, and a little skin cream can further reduce friction and thus play a significant role in protection.

Step 5: Keep personal hygiene: keeping personal hygiene can prevent the occurrence of various bacterial infections.

You should wear clean cycling pants every time, and avoid sitting around when your cycling pants are soaked with sweat.

Some skin creams themselves contain antibacterial ingredients such as extracts from various herbs.

Step 6: Choose a cushion: everyone’s hip shape is different, and no cushion can fit everyone.

Don’t be silly to think that the big and fat cushion is the most suitable for the butt.

Sometimes the thin and thin cushion is more comfortable.

Although the cushion that has been sitting for a long time will slowly begin to deform to fit your hip shape as time goes by, this is precisely because it was originally not suitable for your hips, and it is also the culprit for back and lumbosacral pain.

You must decide to personally experience the difference between riding pants, skin cream and even applying bandages to the perineum.

I tried six times on the riding platform, sat on the cushion all the time, controlled the pedal frequency at 90-95/min, and the power at 250 watts, and rode until my butt hurt each time.

Two days apart, I will ride the next time after my butt is fully recovered.


Not wearing cycling pants: It lasted for 19 minutes and 21 seconds.

I felt uncomfortable at the beginning.

I felt very uncomfortable about 10 minutes later.


Wearing cycling pants (ordinary): The cushion lasts for 40 minutes and 22 seconds.

It looks much better than the cheap one, but in fact, it doesn’t make any difference.

As long as you ride the bike, the cushion plays a very good role in isolation and protection, and the cushioning effect is comfortable but not excessive.

Even an hour and a half later, I only felt slightly uncomfortable, and this may be caused by the previous two rides.


Cycling pants plus skin cream: After lasting for more than 2 hours, apply a little skin cream on the pad, evenly smear it, and gently sit on the cushion.

At this time, you will find that it is really a good feeling, effectively avoiding pain.

Reduce friction, keep comfortable and inhibit bacterial reproduction.

If you haven’t tried yet, buy a bottle to try.


Cycling pants and suede protector: suede protector lasting for more than 2 hours is the ultimate weapon to prevent butt pain.

Like a huge band aid, it is applied to the perineum before riding, which can reduce friction.

At first, I was very doubtful whether it was useful, but after trying, I was convinced.

It can be washed and reused.

It is so soft and even suitable for protecting sensitive parts.


Cycling pants plus suede protector and skin cream: the ultimate combination that lasts more than 3 hours: cycling pants plus suede protector and skin cream are the most comfortable cycling in my life.

After 3 hours of training on the treadmill, I just feel a little tired without any discomfort and pain, and I can even ride all day…