She said, “This is the first good year I have had in 27 years!”

👀 If you miss it carelessly, add a star 🌟 When Don’t Lost wrote this article, Che Che saw such a message on the microblog: Although it is not related to the topic, it still wants to put it on the microblog# The mother returned home for the first time in 27 years to celebrate the New Year # When the family of four finally reunited, the mother said to the little girl she found: Go home, and mother will take care of you.

I really cried when I saw the cars here.

As the New Year approaches, I miss my hometown most, my mother’s food, my father’s nagging and my warm little bed.

There are still 3 days before the Spring Festival.

I wonder how everyone is preparing for it? Are you going to go back to your hometown or decide to stay where you are this year? At this time, Xiao Bian, who was sitting at his work station, was worried about how to spend the year safely and steadily, not whether he could get the ticket to go home.

While looking forward to going home, I am afraid to deal with all kinds of troubles at home.

In the face of parents’ urging marriage, relatives’ questioning, and children’s noise, the fancy New Year’s brocade bag was sent to you, and you were the focus of the audience.

One observation of the car (not necessarily right): the difficulty of going home during the Spring Festival ≈ learning from the West.

Even if you: married couples, civil servants, and people with a house and a car, have prepared gifts from relatives and friends, and wrapped red envelopes for children and the elderly, do you think it is safe? wrong! Your mother never lacks reason to scold you.

With regard to the following high-risk behaviors, we strongly recommend that you keep them in mind and ensure that you firmly implement the policy of never violating the mother’s bottom line.

Warning 1: You want to fight when your mother sees you on the 7th day of the New Year! As a young man in the new era, how can you bear to leave your mobile phone 10 meters away? When you hold your mobile phone in your hand and squint with laughter, it’s hard for your mother who has been doing housework behind you to stop shouting.

In order to gain the approval of parents, we must show the industrious side.

Even if you don’t really work.

Warning 2: Pay attention to your clothes and don’t let your mother get angry! Avant garde, your mother thinks you are not steady; Be conservative.

Your mother thinks you are too young and dull.

Here is a key point: beauty in your eyes is nothing, but your mother thinks it is important that you are beautiful.

The hair is not dyed or hot, and the clothes are simple and warm.

You are my mother’s good baby.

Warning 3: Buying books is a continuous process and reading is a complete process.

You dream of overtaking at the holiday curve, and others are enjoying themselves.

You have been wandering in the business sea of currency war, but the only currency war happened in the seven days of New Year.

It is unnecessary to overtake at a curve.

The only thing I needed was to study a whole Chinese mahjong script years ago.

(Remember to teach me two tricks!) Warning 4: Don’t try to persuade your mother, unless your parents are hard to persuade you after three years of study in Deyun Society.

The only reasons for persuasion are to get married in situ, to have a couple for three years, and to go ashore in the next year’s public exam.

When encountering problems, parents learn to “avoid the important and take the light”.

Sometimes it is not because of their stubborn opinions, but because the information they get is not equal.

We should learn to allow the existence of cognitive bias, and we will always be more comfortable.

Warning 5: Buying gifts is a science.

Relatives’ gifts are fine, but their wallets are flat.

The gifts sent to parents are really hard to please.

Q: It’s just casual.

There is nothing lacking at home.

When I came home empty handed, I had another meal of fried pork with bamboo plates.

Careful observation always leads to a conclusion.

Those who can show off on the bright side and become the focus of friends and relatives’ gathering are definitely right to buy home! At the thought of the relatives, friends, and bear children to be faced with, have you become anxious and suffocated? How can the New Year special forget this? This is to send the secret script to the carriage arena where you can be stable.

When you first meet a bear child from a relative’s family, you can’t even name him completely, but that doesn’t prevent him from breaking your lipstick and breaking your Lego.

At this time, all you need to say is: “Have you finished your homework?” It’s not easy to get rid of Bear Boy.

The relatives who are always dissatisfied with you should take turns to show up.

Your old aunt will move to you, “Where do you work?” “How much do you earn this year?” “How about your company?” “I haven’t finished dealing with her here, The young lady over there should ask: “Do you have a boyfriend?” “When are you going to get married?” “Don’t procrastinate at such a young age “Forrest Gump said that life is like a piece of chocolate, and you never know what the next piece will taste like.” Just like every time you go home, it is hard to predict what kind of questions relatives will give you.

Some of them are actually out of kindness.

They haven’t found a topic for a long time to break the embarrassment, so they have to care about your life.

They want to know whether you are really living a good life when you were young and need their help.

In the past two years, it is obvious that the car has also felt its own change.

Once I got home, I just wanted to lie down for a few days.

Now I start to watch my mother’s face when I go home.

I work when I need to, and I watch TV with my family when I’m not.

When I was at home during the holiday, I started to put down my mobile phone.

When relatives came, they took the initiative to say hello and greet each other with a smile.

Many people say that they are Lily and Bella when they are away.

When they go home for the New Year, they will become Cuihua and Erya.

On the contrary, I will become an urban beauty when I go home.

Usually, I want to change into 14 pairs of jeans for a 7-day holiday.

When I go downstairs to throw garbage, I have to make up all the time before going out..