Safe riding is the right way to ride a cross-country motorcycle, do you know?

When it comes to motorcycles, friends both inside and outside the circle can chatter a few words, and many enthusiasts can tell a lot of motorcycle data in detail.

It seems that in the public impression, the figure of motorcycles is always inseparable from the speed of 299.

In fact, there are many categories of motorcycles besides commuting; Today, what I want to introduce is one of them – off-road motorcycle, which has left a deep impression on us.

Compared with the low lying passion of street cars, off-road vehicles always seem more stable.

The higher ground clearance marks a longer journey, and the terrain is no matter how complex it is.

Whether it is lush forest or yellow sand, it can be easily crossed; Every experienced knight can use his left hand to buckle on the clutch to complete every jump at the end of the steep slope.

Every time the hanging compression bomb hits, it is the response of the heart to the wild call – compared with the smooth red line roar of the street car, its roar is more rough and primitive, and the burning heat of the motor and the driver’s heart will only fall into a brief silence when flying in the air! Speaking of this, under the temptation of the second round of beasts, are you ready to try? Don’t worry.

All attempts should put safety first.

Let’s let the editor tell you the precautions for cross-country motorcycle riding.

The first is the helmet that is used for cycling.

Because of the characteristics of off-road motorcycles, consumers who use this kind of motorcycles often travel between various mountain roads.

In addition to the danger inherent in the hardness of the ground, the flying sand and rocks on its surface are another more serious threat.

If you accidentally fall off the car and do not wear a helmet, the consequences will be unimaginable.

Compared with the helmets used in the track street, the off-road vehicle drivers should not only have the high-quality products recognized by the national certificate, but also have the characteristics of wear resistance of the shell, edges and corners, and good sealing of the inner layer, so as to prevent the head from being unable to be protected in the worst case.

The second is boots, in film and television works or motorcycle competitions; I believe you can often see that cross-country motorcycle drivers often use their boots to brake their feet.

Therefore, compared with the boots used in other models, the boots used by off-road motorcycle riders require higher hardness! It must not only absorb the impact, but also protect the foot from sharp sharp objects of the foot nail, and prevent spraining or breaking the ankle.

The goggles are also an important part of the equipment, and the goggles used by off-road vehicle drivers also have their own unique design.

Compared with the goggles used by cruise and other motorcycle types, they have better sealing performance, and often adopt the same anti-fog measures as swimming goggles; The visual radian is often larger, and dust and rain are indispensable on the road to conquer.

Without a set of professional off-road motorcycle goggles, the field of vision will not only become narrow, but also probably hurt the eyes during high-speed driving.

Of course, the above mentioned equipment is only the equipment that needs special attention for off-road motorcycles; Instead of just needing some, knee pads, gloves and so on are essential! After all, after enjoying the hovering like a glider, the only way for any motorcyclist to get safety assurance is always four big words – “be prepared”.

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