Riding the Badaling Great Wall (with the essay “Happy Riding, Endless Riding”

Riding the Badaling Great Wall: Our correspondent Zhang Peiwu returns to the earth in spring and everything recovers; A good cyclist looks like a rainbow.

At seven o’clock in the morning on February 27, 26 members of the Huailai Leisure Cycling Team and the Huailai Sisters Cycling Team braved the cold of early spring, full of confidence and energy, set out from Shacheng, crossed the Huailai Bridge on the Guishui River, crossed the Civil Engineering, Langshan, Xiaonanxinbao, and East Garden, entered the northern Beijing boundary, crossed Kangzhuang, rode Yanqing, and reached the Badaling Great Wall Scenic Spot, where they played, enjoyed the scenery, sang, and enjoyed the magnificent mountains and rivers of the motherland, Feel the majesty of the ancient Great Wall and the long history of the vicissitudes of time.

After being relaxed, intoxicated, happy and full of joy, you can return to the recovery road and swim around the Guanting Reservoir Wetland Park for more than 120 kilometers.

It is worth mentioning that the 12 members of the sister riding team in Huailai can be called heroines.

They have no power to ride, and the oldest member of the team is nearly ancient (68, 9 years old).

In daily life, they mainly ride short routes around the sand city, with the maximum mileage of 60 kilometers.

This ride, however, has suddenly increased to more than 120 kilometers.

From mileage to climbing, from explosive force to endurance, it is a severe test.

However, they have overcome themselves, overcome long-distance, overcome climbing, overcome fatigue and overcome challenges.

They are proud, they are proud, they are brave, they are strong, and they have experienced self-reliance.

They are great.

They applaud for themselves, cheer for themselves, and praise themselves.

They said: The first time to ride Badaling, the speed is still so fast, breaking the personal record.

Indeed, there were Mulan in ancient times, and now there are pregnant female riders.

Women are not inferior to men.

They are all heroes.

Let’s cheer for them, cheer for them and cheer for them! I wish them never stop on the road and keep going forward.

The farther they ride, the better they ride, the better they feel, the better they are! At the same time, I wish all riders, for happiness, for health, for happiness, for happiness, for tomorrow, let’s cheer together, ride together, and look forward to the future! The three years of fighting the epidemic have been extremely arduous.

The three years of epidemic have restricted our actions and our riding.

Today, the seal is fully released.

Today, the spring breeze touches the face.

Today, the sun is shining brightly.

Let’s take advantage of the great spring light and enjoy the ride of Huaner! I believe that health belongs to you who never relax, happiness belongs to you who ride hard, and beauty and happiness, youth and fitness belong to you who climb bravely! Shacheng Leisure Cycling Team Cycling Daily 2023-02-27 Activity: 458, ranking: 39, ranking in the same city: 1 Total mileage: 2798.52km, total score: 66211.

Aerobic fish 123.15km, 367 points 2.

Weekend 124.16km, 345 points 3.

Prosperity 124.16km, 339 points 4.

Dalei 123.08km, 329 points 5.

Wusheng 128.33km, 325 points 6.

Suddenly look back: Meng 124.92km, 318 points 7.

A Peng 122.93km, 318 points 8.

Love drift 120.53km, 316 points 9.

Bell 111.4km, 295 minutes 10.

Walk 115.91 km in a leisurely way, 288 wonderful moments review photography: Zhang Xipeng, Wang Wenyi and other riders participated in the ride on February 27, 2023, Wang Wenyi (team leader and photographer), simple life, Hongbin, Min, Shepherd, Dalei, Changsheng (team leader), aerobic fish, moon flower, freezing point, love drift, Wang Xia (life committee member), beautiful mountain peak, A Peng (photographer), leisurely walk, life safety, sea, army, Wusheng and other 26 people.

The benefits of Zhang Peiwu’s essay riding lie in exercising and strengthening the body, and also in pleasing the mood, enjoying the nature and enjoying the infinite scenery.

Riding is hard.

However, happiness is far greater than hard work! You can’t see that when you travel dozens of kilometers or hundreds of kilometers a day, how comfortable you are sitting on the sofa or lying on the Simmons, even harder than walking.

However, when you conquer a high mountain, but also overcome yourself and overcome weakness, you are amazed at the magnificence of “looking at the small mountains”, with thousands of mountains and valleys at your feet, mountains and rivers at your bottom, clouds and mists hovering over your face, and green trees covering your clothes, do you still feel tired? Do you have any idea of shrinking back? No, No regrets, no sighs! There are only surprises, only excitement, only pride and pride, and only self-reliant “old man talking about juvenile mania”! Isn’t such life, such life, such confidence, such realm worth pursuing? Isn’t it worth cherishing? Cycling can be divided into three levels in terms of skills and physical fitness, including “great god” level, ordinary level and novice level.

Novice generally dare not ride with the gods because of the huge gap in strength and speed.

Although I am a novice, I often join the ranks of the great gods, and I am promoted and helped by the great gods.

Because, we all have a common preference, that is, leisure, not the pursuit of speed and mileage, but the pursuit of enjoyment.

Therefore, some riding teams are called “Snails”.

In fact, there are many powerful players, all of them are “gods”.

There are also many “gods” in our team, which is called “leisure cycling team”.

Despite different abilities and different levels, we are united and friendly, helping each other, not impatient, strong and weak, slow to catch up, and have a little accident.

We all work together to face and solve the problem together, and have fun! Some riders, who are not slow, call themselves “slow and leisurely”.

There are also riders who really belong to the powerful “great gods”, but laugh at “see Pochou”.