Riding makes your heart healthier and your body stronger

Henan Giant Investment Hotline: 0371-63817003 You must love the cause related to health! If you are rich, you will be healthy if you are not; Success is conspicuous, failure is young.

In the era of fitness for all, the Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China emphasized: “Focus on improving people’s physique, and improve institutional measures to promote fitness for all.” The sudden COVID-19 made the broad masses of people realize the importance of health, and have joined the ranks of sports and fitness.

Why do you choose to ride QI XINGKUAI LE? It is healthy.

You can strengthen your own immunity while strengthening your body; Riding is happy.

While enjoying the scenery, you can also enjoy your mood; Cycling is parent-child.

Children who have parents accompany them on the ride believe that parent-child relationship must be enviable; Cycling is environmentally friendly, low-carbon travel, environmental protection, start from me! Why choose GIANT GROUP – The brand of GIANT started in 1972, with strong strength and global marketing; -Provincial agent has primary source of goods, and the supply is guaranteed; -After the successful opening of the store, it can operate Giant, Liv (exclusive for women), Mormonton (urban leisure), goods and electric vehicles, with a rich product line to meet customer needs; -Subsidies for opening activities and store decoration; -0 yuan of franchise fee, providing online drainage (Tmall flagship store, JD flagship store, official mall), placing orders online, and collecting vehicles offline; -The company organizes professional skills training, and advanced vehicle maintenance technology makes it easy for you to deal with difficult and miscellaneous problems; Giant, fully known as Taiwan Giant Machinery Industry Co., Ltd., is one of the largest bicycle production and marketing companies in the world.

Its network spans five continents and more than 50 countries.

The company is located in China, the United States, Britain, Germany, France, Japan, Canada, Holland and other places, with more than 10000 sales channels.

Opening process 01 Early communication and confirmation of cooperation intention 02 On the spot visit, after the company’s evaluation 03 passed the evaluation, the company paid the market deposit, signed the contract 04 Shop decoration design 05 Decoration construction, shop operation training (pre-sales, sales, after-sales) 06 Purchasing, exhibition, planning for opening activities 01 Shop acceptance backup professional designer design shop image offline professional lecturer training+online video teaching Tmall, JD The official mall allows you to promote in an all-round way~place orders online, conduct digital operations for offline stores to pick up cars, easily check various data online+offline cycling activities, and easily play with the club’s investment attraction scope Henan Provincial Investment Hotline: 0371-63817003 You have the ability, I have the platform, you have the ambition, I have the market, you want to make money, I have the opportunity to join QI XINGKUAI LE1 There are natural persons who independently bear civil liability or enterprise legal persons who independently bear civil liability.


Have brand awareness, long-term development vision, and corresponding investment ability and risk awareness.


Understand and agree with the concept of brand culture, business management mode and fashion management; Have some experience in industry operation.


It has good reputation and goodwill in the local area, has the willingness to cooperate, can personally participate in the operation and management, and cooperate with the company to timely feed back market information.


According to the area and area of the franchise store, the franchise operator is required to have certain purchase funds and working capital.


Be familiar with computer operation, know how to use our media to promote, and have certain planning ability.


The store shall be decorated inside and outside the store according to the decoration scheme provided by the headquarters, and the production of indoor and outdoor advertising poster light boxes shall be arranged.

Henan Giant is looking forward to your joining in the Jegoleva Xiaomo Henan Giant Club.

Welcome to take the lead in low-carbon travel and enjoy a healthy ride.

Giant declares that Giant, LIV Contact number of Henan franchise area of Mormanton three brands: Manager Guo: 18736069377 (region: Xinxiang, Jiaozuo, Jiyuan) Manager Wang: 15836375505 (region: Puyang, Hebi, Anyang) Manager Wang: 13525526096 (region: Shangqiu, Kaifeng, Zhoukou) Manager Yang: 13526802081 (region: Zhengzhou, Zhengjiao) Manager Xu: 13213232881 (region: Zhumadian, Xinyang, Luohe, Xuchang) Manager Hu: 15981883143 (Region: Nanyang, Pingdingshan, Sanmenxia, Luoyang) Business Supervisor in Henan: Manager Li 18537192650 Senior Vehicle Commodity Supervisor in Henan: Manager Lin 13703952980 Electric Vehicle Supervisor in Henan: Manager Xu 13213232881 Education and Development Training Supervisor in Henan: Manager Liu 15093158510 Office Tel.: 0371-63817003 General Manager Email: giant-zhengzhoulin@163.com Bicycle rental and security services: Manager Lin 13283832952 (lithium electric scooters, mountain bikes, road bikes; entry-level, amateur, professional) © Tiktok: Giant Henan long press the QR code below to follow us every time we ride, we want to be with you © Giant Henan long press the QR code below to follow us every time we ride, we want to be with you © Charming Liv Henan Women’s Bicycle Long Press the QR code below to follow us every time we ride, we want to be with you..