Riding makes you rejuvenate and learn to face life

The word “rejuvenate” has more or less touched the forbidden area of some years.

Similar to this word, there is counter growth.

In many fantasy novels, the cultivation of truth to the end is also a return to the stage of infancy and reincarnation.

How to keep young has become a problem that everyone is thinking about.

“Returning children” may be difficult, but at least it can slow down aging.

This is also the reason why health preservation is so popular now.

But again, it is better to sweat all over for health preservation.

It is better to ride a bike when you sweat all over.

How much is the benefit of cycling? The number of times this question is mentioned in a year should be able to circle the earth 50 times.

Our official account has also introduced the benefits of participating in cycling for many times, so this time we will talk about why cycling can help you learn to face life.

The sport of cycling is very magical.

Its magic is that it teaches you to overcome hardships.

Every step you step on is an attack on difficulties.

The tiredness of climbing, the long distance muscle aches, and the strange pain all over the body are all suffering.

What will cyclists do in the face of suffering? There are only two choices, one is to overcome, the other is to do it again.

Think about whether you just started cycling and you are still cycling now have only made these two choices.

Bicyclists do not give up these two words in their dictionaries, so do they face life.

Life has always been difficult, hasn’t it.

The pressure from school, family conflicts, friends’ disagreements, to the life and livelihood when you grow up, and marriage problems can overwhelm you.

The problem has always been there.

What we can learn from cycling is to ride.

The mountain always has to be turned over, and the road must have an end.

What you pay for is just biting your teeth and sweating.

This is the right way for us to face life.

If you haven’t learned it yet, get on the bike and start.

Don’t stop.