Riding, jogging, bird watching I will lose if I go to three of these treasure parks at the door of Weinan people!

The spring is warm and the flowers are blooming, and everything recovers with the gradual fading of the flavor of the year.

The dormant branches of the season are also sprouting with a touch of quiet green, which is gradually coming.

Of course, it is also necessary to be full of vitality.

You can take a trip in these leisure parks at your door in the spring to find the vitality and walk to welcome the good time of spring.

No.1 River Park is surrounded by fresh air, fresh water and big trees and green trees.

Wandering nostalgia for heart and lung, old street integration adds new look.

Zhuhe Park is an early comprehensive park in our city, covering an area of more than 300000 square meters.

It was built in 1978, and has been greened in 1986 and 2000.

In 2006, the municipal party committee and the municipal government carried out the renovation and opening project for the park to reflect the purpose of “people-oriented, building a harmonious Weinan, and returning the park to the people”, and officially opened it to the public for free on May 1, 2006.

NO.2 Chaoyang Park is a shy and smiling girl with green leaves against a flower.

Jiaoli is not polluted by the dust in the downtown area, and she is spoiled by loving her.

Chaoyang Park is located in the central part of the city, with Jinshui Road in the east, Duhua Road in the west, Huashan Avenue in the south and Chaoyang Avenue in the north.

It was built in 2009 and is the largest leisure and entertainment park in the city with the most complete planning and design.

The park covers an area of 124 hectares and is composed of 10 major areas, including leisure distribution area, flower viewing area, cultural exhibition area, elderly activity area, children activity area, fitness area, entertainment area, water system landscape area, commercial area and commercial and residential area.

It is mainly an internal green landscape built to meet the leisure, entertainment, gathering and consumption needs of citizens, with cultural taste, comfortable environment and reasonable functions, A regional urban park with a suitable spatial scale.

NO.3 Weiqing Park has luxuriant trees, leaves, flowers and plants, and is quiet in the bustling sound.

Relax here and enrich your body and mind.

Weiqing Park was founded in 1999.

By 2011, it has formed a belt of ecological green land, which stretches from Huashan Avenue in the south to the south embankment of the Weihe River in the north, and is distributed along both sides of Weiqing Road.

The total length is 6500 meters, the width of the east side is about 50 meters, and the width of the west side is about 300 meters, covering a total area of 1898 mu.

It is a comprehensive park integrating recreation, viewing, leisure and recreation, sports and fitness.

Later, the reconstruction was started in 2018, adding more abundant contents such as water system, until now.

NO.4 People and the park blend with each other, love beauty, and the style of Weihe River reflects brilliance.

The new town gathers the charm of the city.

In May 2017, a free park for the outside world was built.

Renhe Park covers an area of 623 mu, with three themes of nature, culture and sports.

The park takes the rain and sewage pumping stations in the old city of Weinan as an opportunity to collect and purify rainwater and use the river water as a supplementary cycle to form a landscape lake covering an area of about 60 mu.

Relying on water culture, the park is divided into six landscape areas, which are arranged from west to east according to the landform characteristics.

The western part is divided into the cultural square landscape area, the Yuehu Building landscape area, the elderly fitness, and the children’s square landscape area; The middle area is divided into urban ecological landscape lake area and pump station landscape area; The east area is equipped with sports facilities, which can be used for fitness and competition.

It not only has a 400m standard track and field field and football field, but also has a basketball court, tennis court and badminton court.

NO.5 The remains of the Great Qin Dynasty in the Cultural Heritage Park of the Qin Dynasty are still there, and the legend is shocking.

The dust of history has become the past, and the water will benefit the people.

The Qin Dynasty Cultural Heritage Park is located at the south end of Binhe Avenue and the southwest corner of the former Party School of the District Committee.

Built in 2015, the park is the only cultural heritage park in Weinan.

The park covers an area of 47.4 mu and a construction area of 30000 square meters.

The core book burning site of the park is the only remaining book burning site of Emperor Qin Shihuang in the country and is a provincial cultural relics protection unit.

The park integrates three major functions of “green ecology”, “cultural display” and “sports and fitness”, and creates a riverside scenic spot integrating “greening and culture”, providing leisure, walking and entertainment places for citizens.


6 The iron dragon in the South Lake Park soars and tinkles in the ear, gathering water to form a lake full of green waves.

The winding path is leisurely and the pavilions are relaxing, and the wind is flowing out of the pleasant scenery.

South Lake Park is located in the southwest of the main urban area of Weinan City, to the east of Cangcheng Road, to the west of Weiqing Road, to the south of Guanzhong Ring Road, and to the north of Huashan Avenue.

It covers a total area of more than 980 mu, and is divided into South Park and North Park with Longhai Railway as the boundary.

The South Park is planned to be a scientific research park, mainly focusing on scientific research nursery and fruit picking.

The planning and design of the North Park is the core landscape exhibition park, with an area of about 685.5 mu, and the construction of the South Lake landscape with a water surface of about 228 mu.

With the South Lake as the center, the park is surrounded by cherry blossom garden, rose garden and other characteristic landscape parks.

The South Lake Park not only achieves evergreen in four seasons and flowers in three seasons, but also further expands the urban framework, complements the urban weaknesses, improves the urban functions, effectively improves the urban air quality and living environment, and truly realizes the Weinan citizens to see “Jiangnan” from Weinan.


7 Jinshui Park is small and knowledgeable.

The trail is leisurely around the landscape, and the grass and flowers are beautiful and intoxicating.

Jinshui Park, built in 2018, is based on the design concept of “Linyin in the city • landscape silence”, with “one heart • two axes • two rings” as the main body, and with the theme of “spring, summer, autumn, and winter” as the theme, through the citizens’ fitness trails, standardized basketball courts, badminton courts, and children’s sports areas, to provide citizens with a new stage of public green space, and create a regional leisure and sports park.

At the end of April 2020, the city’s first science popularization theme park – Jinshui Science Popularization Theme Park, which was jointly constructed by the municipal and district science and technology associations, the Civilization Office and the Weinan River Scenic Area Management Office, was officially completed and opened.

Since then, Jinshui Park has added many attributes.

NO.8 People’s Park is located in an important place to increase its happiness, and it is small and exquisite and precious.

It only takes ten minutes to walk around it.

It’s also nice to take a rest.