Riding in Tibet accompanied by wild fruits

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Wang Lei has eaten less and less fruit since he rode in Tibet.

Why? The price is getting more and more expensive, and the quality is getting worse and worse.

But I found that there were many wild fruits along the way, which inspired warm memories of my childhood.

This is the wild fruit I picked and ate on the way to Kangding with Huming.

We call it “Jianzi”.

I don’t know the origin of this name, but I think it belongs to a kind of seabuckthorn.

Unfortunately, it is still immature, sour and astringent.

On the way of a tree of wild peaches riding Mangkang from Batang, I ate wild peaches and wild apricots successively.

The wild peaches are on the roadside.

Although they are only the size of tangyuan, they taste good and make people drink.

When I eat it, I peel it directly to avoid the entrance of peach hairs.

Later, I rode Gongbujiangda from Bomi, and there were wild peaches along the way, but they were all immature.

On the way from Bomi to Lhasa, wild raspberries can be seen everywhere, and the taste is very sweet.

Huming and I stopped to enjoy them, and also attracted a college student to have a wild raspberry dinner with us.

The college students also said that it is much sweeter than their hometown.

There is sufficient sunshine on the plateau, and the temperature difference between morning and night is large.

It seems that from Ranwu, you can ride into the primeval forest.

The air is fresh and there is a fragrance in the wind all the way.

The wild raspberries along the road are mostly at the roadside, with different colors, including black, purple and red, but my favorite food is yellow.

On the way to Songduo, I was fed up with a large area of yellow raspberries.

Each raspberry was the size of a thumb.

It was crystal clear in the sun and its yellow flesh was shining.

It’s so sweet that people forget the time, so I rode to Songduo.

It’s already 19:00.

Riding all the way, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery and the joy of fruit picking, which makes you happy in riding…