Riding group building, walking with us healthily

In the impression, the group construction is to organize to participate in various projects such as grass skiing, CS, aerial flying rope, real people eating chicken, attack and defense arrows…

fun and leisure, improve efficiency, enhance friendship, etc., so many companies will pull out play naughty every year or accept the abuse of military management.

The feelings of happiness, stimulation, tension, relaxation, etc.

will be shown once in the circle of friends Two times…

Don’t worry.

This time, let’s talk about the latest team building mobile team building – a small editor of the cycling team building will tell you about cycling.

Don’t forget to turn on music.

Cycling is a healthy and natural way of sports tourism, which can fully enjoy the beauty of the travel process.

The equipment for cycling is very simple.

A bicycle with a backpack, a cycling suit, a helmet and gloves can be used to travel, which is simple and environmentally friendly.

The construction of the cycling team is to constantly meet difficulties, experience challenges, cooperate and help each other, and release pressure.

Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, go to the mountain and lake to enjoy the pure air.

Feel the lightness of the tires passing by the wind, and be intoxicated with the sound of birds singing and flowers in the mountains and waters The rhythm from your feet makes you excited.

The sweat lying on your back becomes the motivation to motivate your companions to “move forward”.

Walking too slowly, driving too fast, only riding can best enjoy the scenery along the way.

Cycling is a healthy and natural way of sports tourism, which can fully enjoy the beauty of the travel process.

Cycling group building is a group building activity that integrates green environmental protection, team cooperation, team wisdom and physical fitness, driving through bumpy roads, crossing dark tunnels, and experiencing challenges in the midst of constant difficulties; Experience the customs in a distant country, and experience successfully at the end of the journey through games to increase the intersection between colleagues, promote communication among team members, activate the atmosphere of colleagues, enhance the tacit understanding among team members, and enhance trust among team members.

This is not only a test of the physical strength of the team members, but also a test of teamwork, overall planning, tasks and direction identification.

Riding sports has many benefits.

Now I tell you that it can improve memory: for people with strong or weak memory, riding a bicycle can improve memory.

This is because exercise helps to increase the level of noradrenaline in the body, and the improvement of the level of this chemical in the brain plays an important role in improving memory.

Improve mental health: A YMCA study shows that the health status of active people is 32% higher than that of inactive people.

Exercise can boost your mood in many ways: the basic release of adrenaline and endorphins, and the confidence boost that comes from achieving new goals, such as completing exercise or approaching them.

Cycling combines physical exercise with outdoor activities to explore new landscapes.

You can ride alone: give you time to deal with worries or worries; Or you can ride with a team that broadens your social circle.

Relieve Parkinson’s disease: Cycling (especially hard cycling) can improve the living condition of brain regions related to exercise.

Cleveland Clinic researcher Dr.

Chitan Sha said that cycling is an effective and cheap way to treat Parkinson’s disease.

However, not all patients with Parkinson’s disease are suitable for exercise with high intensity.

Before exercise, doctors should be asked for advice, and they should act according to their condition.

Reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer: cycling can increase your heart rate, fill your body with blood, burn your calories, and reduce your chances of being overweight.

Therefore, it is one of a series of sports recommended by the NHS, which can reduce the risk of major diseases such as heart disease and cancer.

Earlier this year, a study conducted by the University of Glasgow showed new evidence: researchers studied more than 260000 people in five years and found that cycling to work could halve the risk of heart disease or cancer for drivers.


Jason Gill of the Institute of Cardiovascular and Medical Sciences commented: “The risk of adverse health outcomes associated with cycling on the whole or part of the way to work is significantly reduced.” There are also the following benefits, which will not explain why…

promoting fat reduction, lung health, little negative impact on movement, saving time, improving your navigation skills, improving your sex life, improving your mental power, improving your control ability and special awareness Strengthen your immune system, develop your social circle…

Warm reminder: You must pay attention to your riding posture when riding.

Add some accessories for riding.

Helmets: [Use] Collision prevention, prevention of branches and leaves, prevention of flying stones, diversion of rain, ventilation, and speed increase.

The helmet with brim can prevent sun, and the reflective sign on the helmet can also prevent accidental collision when riding at night.

Grade: ♥♥♥♥♥ Gloves: [Function] It can absorb sweat, prevent skidding, ventilate, and protect palms and wrists.

Sweat-absorbing, breathable and anti-slip complement each other.

Grade: ♥♥♥♥♥ Cycling clothes: [Function] It can speed up and sweat.

The cycling clothes with bags on the back can hold things.

The long sleeved cycling clothes can prevent the arms from being exposed to the sun.

The plush cycling clothes can also keep warm.

Grade: ♥♥ Others: [cycling socks and shoes] [sports water bottle and water bottle rack] [knee and elbow pads] [glasses] [backpack]* ♥ On behalf of importance, there is no command of starting gun, no rule of bondage, just one person, one simple car, the end point of the action ahead.

We worked hard to get the scenery along the way, professional customized cycling team building, combining nature and health, sports and leisure, entertainment and team building..