Riding, flower watching, singing… The first week of school is too happy~

I haven’t seen you for a long time.

The beginning of the spring semester of the school happened to meet the peach blossom, hawthorn flower, osmanthus flower in the early spring of the school The vigorous and bustling college life of college students, who are blooming with new buds and willow trees, is back again.

This year is the 80th anniversary of the school.

The first week of the new semester.

The school also held two interesting activities to make the school more lively in spring.

The campus shared bicycle riding and the launching ceremony of one million yuan are always accompanied by many romantic stories in the campus story.

On Friday afternoon, the school held the launching ceremony of the campus shared bicycle riding and donation of one million yuan to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the school in the square of the local ethnic culture research center in the west campus.

Wu Guoquan, headmaster of the school, Mao Fangcai, deputy secretary of the Party Committee, and Lv Haibo, deputy headmaster, attended the launching ceremony.

Alumni enterprise representatives donated to the school site.

School leaders and alumni, teachers and students ride and share bicycles around the campus, and feel the romance of the Spring Festival Academy together.

Wu Guoquan, the president of Hezhou Yihao Culture and Sports Co., Ltd., and Mo Guixin, the general manager of Hezhou Yihao Culture and Sports Co., Ltd., Zhou Yongtuo, the director of Guangxi Dingye Industry Group Co., Ltd., Mu Xuekun, the program host of Tibet Radio and Television Station and the coffee manager written by Lhasa to someone, Zhu Yi, the vice chairman of Guangxi Pinchen Liubao Tea Co., Ltd., and the executive vice director of Wuzhou Alumni Liaison Office, You Zhensheng, the head of Xiamen Liwai Visual Media Co., Ltd.

and the vice president of Fujian Alumni Liaison Office, Lin Shiwei, the partner of Guangxi Haoshan Network Technology Co., Ltd.

and the director of Guiyang Alumni Liaison Office, Zeng Jian, the general manager of Hezhou Daosheng Information Technology Co., Ltd., and others awarded donation cards.

Wu Guoquan welcomed and thanked the alumni and enterprise leaders who participated in the event, pointing out that the university continued to promote the high-quality application-oriented talent training practice of “triple coking and triple synergy”, which promoted the transformation of the university from a newly-built undergraduate university to an application-oriented university and entered a new stage of high-quality development.

At present, the university is constantly deepening the comprehensive reform, comprehensively strengthening the connotation construction, continuously improving the quality of application-oriented talent training, promoting the construction of high-level local application-oriented universities with distinctive characteristics to achieve new results, and welcoming the 80th anniversary of the founding of the university with outstanding achievements.

Wu Guoquan said that the achievements of the reform and development of the school can not be separated from the full support of the majority of alumni.

He hoped that the majority of alumni would continue to care about and support the development of the alma mater, and sincerely invited everyone to come home to visit the alma mater often, and gather together at the 80th anniversary of the school to participate in the grand event and seek common development.

The “I am in the place where peach blossoms bloom” Youth Festival of the Spring Festival of the Academy – to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the school, the teachers and students’ singing party should say that the most popular place of the Spring Festival Academy is the Peach Blossom Forest! Under the bright spring light, people who appreciate flowers, take photos, punch cards, and walk children are very busy under the peach tree.

On Friday afternoon, the school also held a “I am in the place where the peach blossoms are blooming” youth gathering in the Peach Blossom Forest to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the school.

The simple scenery, the lively crowd, and the unique singing meeting of teachers and students, are not happy! Mao Fangcai, the deputy secretary of the school’s Party Committee, said that the teacher-student singing club and the alumni singing club celebrating the 80th anniversary of the school are not only the concrete measures for the school to fully implement the party’s education policy, to educate people through aesthetic education, but also the concrete measures to enhance the connotation of education through diversified and diversified campus cultural activities, and to promote the “five educations” of morality, intelligence, beauty and labor.

Let’s shake hands with the bright spring light and show the vitality with loud and clear singing, Welcome the 80th anniversary of the school with a beautiful song.

If faith has color, it must be China’s bright and red peach blossoms.

The opening chorus of “My motherland and I” by teachers and students sang the eternal love for the motherland.

It was also the spring of the year when students looked at the blooming peach blossoms in the campus.

Students read “Peach Blossom” affectionately, followed the breeze and listened to “Slowly” The brisk and gentle rhythm makes everyone feel relieved for the time being.

They just want to devote their beautiful youth to the construction of the western part of the motherland.

Our school alumnus and former music education class student of Grade 2010, Tibet Radio and Television Program host Mu Xuekun, sang Zhuoma, which made the big family feel as if they were in the blue sky and the unique Tibetan flower sea in February, which is full of peach and hawthorn flowers Osmanthus fragrans…

“Sea of Flowers” and the “Oh, yes” of the Spring Festival’s Hogwarts, “Youth is strong, and the country is strong.

Young people should have the courage to create their own beauty.” My Beauty “sings the determination of college students in the new era to work hard to improve themselves.

Turn the years into songs and rub spring into the morning” Ten Miles of Spring Wind “.

Why is it romantic? Because the story of the Hogwarts has you accompanied by the melodious classical song” Peach Blossom ” The ripples that make people think, the euphemistic and moving voice around the peach blossom forest, make people intoxicated in this romantic and warm spring, the Chinese traditional Hanfu culture is extensive and profound, and the stunning visual Hanfu walk show under the scorching peach blossom makes us feel the beauty of traditional culture “In the place where the peach blossoms bloom” The song is about homesickness.

The school will always be the home of the majority of alumni.

I hope that all alumni will go home to see the editing and typesetting.