Riding Dry Goods | How do I prepare my equipment when I ride on the New Tibetan Line?

(Put on headphones 🎧, Enjoy the article) Super detailed equipment list, dangdangdangdangdang! Before departure, many friends from Bai who sorted out the equipment asked me how to prepare my own equipment, what kind of bike I need to buy, what equipment requirements, etc.

🌟 This list can be used for your reference, whether it is the new Tibet line or any route to Tibet.

It is also applicable to long-distance cycling in winter.

The article will be divided into two parts: the list of riding equipment and the idea of preparing equipment.

Before starting, I will sort out the list of hundred riding equipment in the equipment list.

In order to let you know more clearly, I have divided different areas and parts.

In this way, you will know more clearly when you look at the list.

For the simple equipment list, click the video above to learn about my equipment before riding on the new Tibetan line ⬆️ You can also directly see the following picture text equipment introduction ⬇️ At the same time, in the photo version of the equipment list, I made a list of the equipment I used to ride on the New Tibet Line.

The record was very detailed, and the specific brand, quantity and price of the equipment were clearly marked.

For your reference.

One thing I was very happy about when I was traveling was that I deeply felt the happiness of Kellogg Mont-X sweater and Kellogg Mont pants!! My teammate A, who rode with me on the road, often said that he envied me for my clothes.

On the way, Bai rode on the plateau and experienced sharp changes in the weather during the day.

Everyday, there are violent storms and heavy hailstones.

The hailstones say that they hit the body crazily at that time.

People always rush to stop and wear raincoats.

Even if they wear thick raincoats, they will be hit by the hailstones, squealing and screaming.

At this time, I always secretly congratulated myself on the excellent equipment.

Of course, on the road, there is a thick and durable Kellogg Mont-X trench coat on Xinzang Road, which starts almost on time at 1:00 every afternoon.

Put on the hat and tighten it according to your head circumference.

The zipper directly covers half of your face, so you can’t be afraid of the wind blowing people’s hair! (Although tired or tired) – Equipment preparation ideas 🔝 In fact, the equipment for long-distance riding is still prepared according to the route you ride and the weather and climate of the region.

But generally speaking, it is divided into four parts: [bicycle equipment], [camping equipment], [personal equipment] and [others].

According to the four sections, we will sort out the ideas for equipment preparation.

Camping in Karola Glacier 1.

[Bicycle equipment] 1.

What’s the road condition? Can your bike meet the needs of this journey? 2.

How many things do you have for long distance riding? How many camel bags? What kind of piggyback? How much weight can you bear on the road? 3.

When is the riding schedule? Do you ride at night? 4.

What are the car repair situations that are likely to occur? How many places and distance are there on the road where you can repair cars? Learning to repair cars II.

[Camping equipment] 1.

Do you want to camp? What is the climate and terrain of camping? 2.

Do you cook? How many meals a day is required for cooking? Camping and Cooking in the Night 3.

[Personal Equipment] 1.

What’s the weather like for cycling? Is climate change big? 2.

How can I get what I want easily on the road? 3.

What are your riding habits and how to make yourself comfortable on the road? Riding on the road 4.

[Others] 1.

Skin care? 2.

What certificates should I prepare? Do you need cash? 3.

Prepare medicine according to your situation 4.

Do you need any additional things for cycling? 5.

Have the riding equipment been waterproof externally and internally? 6.

Is there anything else you need for this trip? Is it important? Can you supplement while riding? 7.

Is it easy to replenish food for each rest point? 8.

Take some self-defense tools to ride and camp Tips: You need to determine what the minimum equipment requirements for your trip are!! Then think about the necessary equipment you need, and finally prepare the equipment that will make you comfortable during the journey.

(There are even a lot of unnecessary equipment that can be supplied while riding on the road.) The above ideas are summarized by me on the preparation of long-distance riding equipment, and I hope to give you some help.

According to the above ideas, it is very applicable to watch other gods’ equipment sharing, or buy new equipment! Finally, if you like the equipment post I shared, you can click on the bottom right corner to see ❤️。.