Riding Class | Safety First

#In the cycling class, we often say that safety is the first thing when riding outside.

So let’s talk about the safety of commuting or street riding.

This is something every cyclist should learn.

Helmets and corresponding protective equipment must be worn correctly in each cycling activity, which is responsible for your own safety and also respect for your teammates.

After the signal light has just changed, it is most likely to cause danger, especially when passing the intersection, you must look at the vehicles running on both sides.

Whenever you want to change the riding lane, you should slow down or even stop, and then make corresponding movements according to the traffic conditions behind.

Be careful of cars that suddenly change direction.

It is the best choice to stay away from them.

Do not ride on the “bicycle forbidden” sections, such as pedestrian walkways, elevated expressways, and sections with bicycle forbidden signs.

When riding on the highway, don’t compete with the car, don’t run the red light, and don’t go against the rules.

Always keep an eye on the direction of progress, keep your eyes moving, the road conditions are always changing, keep the habit of scanning for potential dangers, and do not keep your eyes in one direction for a long time, unless the immediate situation is really troublesome.

Be careful with the car parked at the roadside.

Maybe the door will suddenly open for no reason, which will probably give you a 360 degree forward somersault.

I dare not think much about the scene of landing on my face.

When traveling in groups, you should stay where you feel comfortable: don’t exceed the front car, and don’t be bound by the formation.

If you feel uncomfortable, you can pull over to slow down; Don’t worry.

After the adjustment, you will meet with the army at the next assembly point.

When riding, don’t talk with your teammates and neglect the safety of riding.

Keep your mind focused.

Pay attention to the traffic, road signs and signs as well as problems encountered, such as rough roads, rocks, speed bumps, pits, animals, people or vehicles suddenly appearing from the side roads.

Accidents are most likely to occur in continuous drizzle.

At this time, the visibility on the road is very low, and the road surface is even slippery than in downpour.

It’s hard for you to control such a situation, so please concentrate.

Or check the weather forecast in advance.

Get into the habit of checking the weather forecast before going out by bike.

Try not to wear earphones when cycling.

Listening to music with earphones is a big taboo for cycling (if the road is really boring, you can use the portable small stereo to play music, but the volume should not be too high).

Don’t gamble at the intersection, and don’t be too confident about the driving route of other vehicles.

Especially at the intersection, be careful.

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