Riding 400000 kilometers and crossing half of China, the prototype of Lost Alone finally found his own son: I have been waiting for 24 years

Reply to [Good morning] Send you a special blessing card text | Mumian sister · anchor | Anthony source | Mumian said (ID: mumianshuo) recently saw an exciting news: Guo Gangtang, the original form of the film Lost Lonely, finally found his son who had been separated for many years! If you have seen this film, you must be impressed by one picture: “Lei Zekuan, a farmer played by Liu Dehua, disappeared because his 2-year-old son was abducted and trafficked, so he got on a motorcycle and embarked on a long journey to find his son…” They all said that trafficking was an abhorrent thing.

When people saw Andy Lau in the film, they failed to find their son again and again.

From hope to disappointment, to emotional breakdown…

can not help but make tears burst.

Guo Gangtang finally found his son after 24 years.

Although the good news came a little late, it was still exciting.

At the moment, the 320 million reading of the topic is enough to prove how much attention we have paid to trafficking.

Today, I also want to share some important things with you through the story of Guo Gangtang.

I hope you must look at it carefully.

Guo Gangtang, born in 1970, usually drives tractors for transportation, and his family is relatively well-off.

On September 21, 1997, he had just returned home from his busy work when he heard that his son had been abducted.

He was so emotional that he knelt down to the villagers on the spot.

While kowtowing, he asked for help with his hoarse voice.

On the same day, he launched 500 relatives and friends to search, but to no avail.

In two years, he owed more than 200000 yuan to find his son.

In 1999, he rode a motorcycle and resolutely began to look for relatives in Tianya.

His luggage is very simple: a flag with his son’s photos and information (inserted in the car); A black satchel stuffed with missing notices; Two clothes to change, and some money on the way.

He started from his hometown Liaocheng, Shandong, to Mohe in the north and Hainan in the south.

In the past 18 years, he has visited most provinces except Xinjiang and Tibet.

As long as there is news of my son, I can see his figure.

Only he can understand the sorrow and sadness during this period.

Once, when I rode to Henan, there was only fifteen cents left in my pocket.

I was so hungry that I walked into a noodle shop.

Seeing the boss’s good face, he asked in a low voice: “Can you…” Before he finished, he suddenly stopped talking and tears poured up…

As a self reliant person, he was the most promising younger generation in the village.

In the era of pork for a few yuan, he could earn one or two hundred yuan a day.

Now, this contrast makes him “angry” and hit the ground with his fist.

In the process of looking for relatives, there are not only embarrassment, but also unknown conflicts and dangers.

In order to save money, he went begging and lodged in the temple.

In order to avoid conflict, he often has to squeeze out a smiling face.

Once, when he was eating on the street in Hebei, he met several drunkards.

Because he didn’t want to cause trouble, he was beaten several times.

Unexpectedly, the drunk pulled down the flag with his son on it.

He fell to the ground and stepped on several feet.

Guo Gangtang was so angry that he fought with them, and he could not suffer losses on this point.

One winter in Inner Mongolia, he went to a desolate place.

The wind blew and his fingers split.

At night, when it was more than 30 degrees below zero, he was very sleepy, but he was afraid that he would disappear after sleeping.

So, they could only hop around to get warm until dawn.

Another time, when he was in the Dabie Mountains in Anhui Province, he suddenly encountered a violent storm.

Raindrops hit the helmet like stones, making an “explosion”.

At the same time, it is poured into clothes along the scalp.

A sudden strong wind took him on the mountain road.

If it were not for a row of cement piles, he would have fallen into the cliff.

Guo Gangtang was so desperate that he wanted to jump, but the flag in the wind was flapping, just like his son was saying to him, “Don’t be sad, Dad, I will accompany you.

It is this belief that makes him regain hope, and he must find his son.” Many people also advised him to pay more attention to his family.

Although he felt ashamed of his wife and little son, he still felt uneasy: only on the road did he feel worthy of his son.

In 2011, a volunteer told him that Mengyin, Shandong, had a child about the same age as Guo Zhen.

According to the police, the child had a scar on his left foot.

This made Guo Gangtang’s heart rise to his throat.

But after waiting all afternoon, he was defeated by the cruel reality that the police had compared DNA, and the result did not match.

He didn’t believe it and had to go and see it himself.

When he saw the child, he rushed to untie his shoelaces.

Unexpectedly, he was pushed by the child.

When he woke up, he was glad that the child with hateful eyes was not his son.

In 2014, the network began to rise.

Seeing the power of the Internet, Guo Gangtang set up a Liaocheng dating website in two years.

I hope that all the separated people in the world can get together as soon as possible.

Few people know that he also hoped to expose his son’s information on TV.

During the two years when his son was lost, Zhu Shimao and Chen Peisi became popular all over the country.

Guo Gangtang thought to himself: If we can make up one or two million yuan, let them say something about their children on TV.

Maybe we’ll find our son soon.

He never thought that this dream had become a reality by borrowing Andy Lau 18 years later.

Six years after the release of Lonely Lost, Guo Gangtang finally found his lost son on July 11, 2021.

When I saw this news, I remembered the words of screenwriter Peng Sanyuan: “Everyone came to the world as an exam, and God gave Guo Gangtang the most difficult exam paper.” Now he has finally solved a big problem in his mind.

The latest news about Guo Zhen is that he is in Henan..