Ride on the beautiful grassland Tianlu

A few years ago, when riding through Zhangbei County, Zhangjiakou City, I was lucky to ride grassland Tianlu, one of the ten most beautiful highways in China.

Her beauty is still unforgettable.

The road is like a dragon, perched on the top of mountains and mountains, winding and ups and downs, stretching for more than 100 kilometers.

The blue sky connects with it, and the white clouds echo with it.

Riding on the sky road is like walking on the clouds.

So I was deeply impressed.

The total length of Grassland Tianlu is about 320 kilometers, and it will be completed in August 2019 (starting from Zhangcheng County, passing through Chicheng County, Zhangbei County, Chongli District, Guyuan County, Wanquan District, Shangyi County, and ending at the boundary of Hebei and Mongolia).

This is the final line extended from east to west on the basis of the original Zhangbei Grassland Sky Road.

However, the classic section of Grassland Road is located at Huapi Ridge in Chongli County in the east and Yehu Ridge in Zhangbei County in the west, with a total length of about 100 kilometers.

Generally speaking, the grassland road actually refers to this section.

The original name was Zhangbei Grassland Tianlu.

Some friends may ask why this section of the road is called the prairie road? This is because the geographical range of this section of road is Zhangbei Grassland, which is located at the edge of Xilingol Grassland.

It is a grassland, so it is called Grassland Tianlu.

Why is it called Tianlu? This is because this region is also the Yanshan Mountains.

The altitude is relatively high, with an average altitude of 1500 meters.

Many sections are as high as 2000 meters, and the blue sky and white clouds are within reach.

Although this altitude is insignificant compared with the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, it is not low in the north.

The whole road is at this altitude, connecting with the blue sky and echoing with the white clouds, as if in the sky.

Therefore, this road is given a beautiful name – Grassland Tianlu! The scenery along the grassland Tianlu is very beautiful.

One of the most impressive ones is the sea of flowers along the way.

Wild poppies, alfalfa, potato flowers, sunflowers and rape flowers of various colors are dotted on the grassland.

They are colorful, spread all over the mountains, swaying with the wind, as if in a fairy tale.

The other is the wind turbine generator of wind power tower, commonly known as windmill, which spreads along the sky road and occupies the whole view of people.

The white windmill, the blue sky and white clouds, and the green grassland complement each other, forming one of the most classic landscapes of Tianlu.

Another is the Northern Terrace.

Terrace is one of the rare scenery in the north.

If it is not grassland Tianlu, you may get to see the terraces in the south.

I don’t know how far to go to see such a beautiful scenery.

In autumn, the most attractive terraces in the north of the Great Wall are not only the colorful colors and crisscross lines, but also the various crops piled, piled and stacked in rows after harvest.

This is also a place with a story.

The scenery here is real and has not been repaired.

Layers of terraces lie quietly in the arms of nature, breathing the purest air; Bathed in the brightest sunshine; Enjoy the atmosphere of being independent of the world.

Of course, there are many beautiful scenery that can’t be counted.

I won’t introduce them here.

For cycling, the prairie road is difficult.

Many sections are steep and can only be pushed, while the downhill is sometimes like a free fall, which is not easy.

I only rode the classic section, from Yehu Ridge to Huapi Ridge, about 100 kilometers.

Whether to ride the whole journey depends on your personal preferences and interests.

I finished cycling (heavy loading) at the beginning of September, 19.

I started from Zhangbei County at about 6 a.m., arrived at Yehu Ridge first, and then arrived at Huapi Ridge at about 8 p.m.

along the Grassland Tianlu.

At this time, it was completely dark.

The whole journey is 117 kilometers, and the climb is 60 kilometers, and the cumulative climb is 2460 meters.

It takes 10 hours to ride, and the whole journey takes nearly 14 hours.

According to the data analysis, it is easier to ride from Huapi Mountain to Yehu Mountain.

Passed riders, when passing by the grassland Tianlu, may as well make a special trip to experience the grassland Tianlu, and she will leave you an indelible memory! The winding, mountains and rivers, deep ravines, meadows, cattle and sheep, and magnificent landscapes show a picture of the scenery of Baili Dam Head, which will also accompany you for life! Author: Blue Sky/WeChat: dlzjj123 Press and hold the above QR code to get to know more riders ——– Display two QR codes at the same time, and you will recognize mistakes.