Ride for 23 days, pass 26 cities, drive 4600 kilometers, just to take my girlfriend home for the New Year! How sweet

Recently, after 00, boys took their girlfriends home for the New Year and rushed to the hot search.

They started from Shihezi, Xinjiang, on December 19, and drove 4600 kilometers through 26 cities.

Finally, they arrived in Tongling, Anhui Province on January 10.

They said that they had the idea of cycling for a long time.

Now they finally realized their previous wish! The whole trip from north to south can experience the changes of the four seasons in one day, appreciate the scenery along the way, and experience the cultural landscape of different places.

In other words, it is also too cool! “Are you riding a motorcycle? I heard the wind and the sound of freedom” After watching the scenery and doing a proud thing, their happiness and happiness will overflow the screen.

It must be an eternal and beautiful memory to take home as a trip! Come on, come on, come on, knock on sugar.

This trip home is not only for the two of them, but also for finding the bear on their luggage! It turned out that “they” were also lovely to watch the scenery together.

They were a happy family of four (sliding left and right, and chewing sugar online together).

They said that they had not gone home for six years for the Spring Festival.

This time, they secretly went back, which was also a surprise to their family.

Although the whole journey was very tiring, especially the winter weather is extremely low, but the thought of being with loved ones was full of energy and it was hard to hide their inner excitement.

Looking at the daily journey, Feeling closer and closer to home is full of emotion and romance.

At the same time, they also received the attention of the people of Tongling and received many blessings from “hometown”.

Many netizens of Tongling said in succession: “Come on, have a safe journey, Tongling welcomes you”.

Hometown gives you full pride and pride.

Did you go to your hometown to reunite with your family this New Year’s Eve? “A family reunion is the greatest happiness!” Reunion is the real company of the family.

The company of the family is always the surest and happiest.

The new year is about to start.

Come and check the blessings of Xiaozhong.

I wish all the friends to move forward boldly and bravely, and try to succeed.

All of them will get what they want.

The former Rabbit Sijin New Year goods planner, the monthly income of 50000 is not a dream! After purchasing the New Year’s Eve dinner and accurately grasping the market demand, the “orange” of the whole network is burning to urge Guangxi to cut sugar orange? Guangxi college students who got up early for five days in a row: I’m dry! The conditions for the sale of railway student discount tickets have changed! Remember to check it out Source: Chinese college students’ online comprehensive sorting from video numbers @ People’s Daily, @ Tongling TV, Tiktok @ 19, Special thanks for netizen comments: Tiktok @ 19 Planning: Liu Huijie (Hunan University of Technology) Text: Liu Huijie (Hunan University of Technology) Li Qiuyu (Guangdong Normal University of Technology) Typesetting: Huang Shan (Wuhan University of Science and Technology) Poster: Shao Xinyu (Jilin Police College) Artistic editor: Huang Shan (Wuhan University of Science and Technology) Liu Huijie (Hunan University of Technology) Editor in charge: Zhang Chen Reviewed by: Li Yuewei.