[Ride Bar – Junior] Junior Class: Langqi Island 25KM Ride, Ride Team is waiting for you to join!

The birth of the Skywalker bike can be traced back to the earliest bicycle related patent application filed by the German Baron Karl von Drais.

In 1815, Mount Tambora in Indonesia erupted.

Europe has also been affected by this, with poor crop harvests.

This prompted Carl Vondray to come up with the idea of inventing a product that could replace horses.

In 1817, Carl von Dray rode his newly invented treadmill (German: Laufmachine) for 13 kilometers.

This is a machine made of wood that requires people to pedal on both feet.

In 1818, Denis Johnson from the United Kingdom optimized the design, and riding a horse became a fashion in London.

There are two more wheels than children’s toy Trojan horses.

In 1869, Eug รจ ne Meyer invented the wire tension wheel.

James Starley designed ball bearings, solid rubber tires, and hollow steel frames for “Ariel” in Coventry.

Adjust the front wheel size according to the driver’s leg length, and the diameter of the front wheel can reach 1.5m.

Due to the very large tire size, the speed has also been greatly improved.

This is called a penny farthing in the UK.

Riding a penny bike may be like standing on a bicycle.

“Your feet cannot be placed on the ground, so riders can easily fall and get injured.”.

Like many extreme sports, people who need courage and skill to challenge.

In 1879, Harry John Lawson invented a chain for rear wheel drive.

But the shape is still the same as a penny bike, with big front wheels and small rear wheels.

In 1885, John Kemp Starley improved the same size of wheels on the basis of rear wheel drive.

In 1888, John Dunlop reinvented the pneumatic bicycle wheel.

At this point, bicycles gradually evolved into the structure we are now familiar with.

Riding Bar – Youth This is a “contest” of riding spirit and an unforgettable “experience” “Persistence, ride, young man!”! The safety and security riding course is equipped with professional mountain bikes, and models of different sizes are prepared according to the height of the students to ensure their safety and riding experience.

The cycling course provides each student with a professional riding suit: a riding helmet, riding gloves, knee pads, and elbow pads to maximize their safety.

Basic Course for Professional Cycling Instructors to Accompany the Whole Journey: Knowledge and Posture In the Basic Course for Cycling, we will learn the professional knowledge of cycling, understand the basic structure of cycling, such as bicycle axles, frame, shock absorption, tire size, and the use of transmission in actual riding; And learn professional riding knowledge, such as seat cushion angle and height adjustment, handlebar width, brake handle position and angle, which is related to our ability to maintain a correct posture during riding.

Incorrect posture makes riding more tiring.

Grasp reasonable power generation techniques during riding, and learn to use both large and small legs to evenly generate power, making riding easier.

Learn to adjust the height of the seat cushion according to the standard of “crotch length * 0.883”.

When setting the length and height of the handlebar, keep in mind the “Golden Triangle 333 Weighting Principle for Cycling”, and learn to evenly distribute the weight of the body in the “Golden Triangle” of cycling – handles, cushions, and pedals.

What are the components of a bicycle? Understand the structure and vehicle component functions of mountain bikes Follow a professional cycling instructor to learn the physics inherent in vehicle structure.

As a professional little rider, of course, you need to have a comprehensive understanding of your bike partner to cooperate more closely and better repair it when it breaks down.

Introduction to Primary Cycling Routes: Cycling around Langqi Island, covering a total distance of 25km, mainly on flat roads, with excellent road conditions.

The difficulty level is elementary, and there is a mountain bike with speed change function.

Before 08:30 of the activity itinerary – assemble and sign in at 08:30-09:15 of the drive – Chekang 09:15-09:45 of the basic teaching of riding 09:45-12:00 of the riding red sturgeon commune (15KM) 12:00-13:30 of the lunch break (delicious farmhouse meal) 13:30-15:00 of the riding to Hongguanghu Park (10KM) 15:00-15:30 of the review and summary 16:00 of the group photo, Return registration consultation [Activity time] 3.25/4.2/4.9/15/each phase [Activity location] Langqi [Registration fee] 398 yuan/person [Assembly time] At 08:30 am on the day of the event [Assembly location] At the entrance of the Wuyi Square Grand Theater [Participants] Children aged 8-16 years old participate independently (children over 1.2 meters tall, with a certain riding foundation) [Travel requirements] At least 10 people travel in groups, Full 24 members () [Note] Registration confirmation is subject to payment of fees.

Due to the need to book a car, order a meal, purchase insurance, etc.

in advance, the full payment can be refunded 24 hours before the event, and no refund will be made within 24 hours.

The rainy activity will be postponed until next week.

Participants are required to obey the command and have team spirit! Parents should not conceal any illness related to discomfort with exercise (past history of heart disease, asthma, or epilepsy, etc.) [Travel expenses] include insurance, personnel bus fares, truck transportation, lunch, water supply, fruit, logistics, photography, support vehicles, and ride coach fees.