Recruitment for riding in spring: roaming Shijingshan

Wander Shijingshan SHIJINGSHAN//Spring cycling with the end of the Winter Olympic Games and the Winter Paralympic Games, the solar term also changes from winter to spring, and the city is surging with a momentum of recovery of all things.

The spirit of the brave is ready to go, and the power of dreams makes the pulse of the city clearer and stronger.

The Shijingshan District in the west of Beijing, which is close to the mountains and rivers, is regarded as the “Double Olympic Zone”.

With the support of competitive sports, the beautiful mountains and rivers also have some interesting and lingering charm, waiting to be explored.

In this spring suitable for going out to have fun, TimeOut Beijing and the Shijingshan District Bureau of Culture and Tourism of Beijing launched the “Walk Shijingshan, Go Forward Together” Shijingshan CityWalk activity.

In this issue, we invite every “lifestyle” who is willing to measure the city with both feet and deeply feel the charm of the capital, to take a ride in the landscape of the “Double Olympic Zone”, embrace the Winter Olympics and return to nature.

Starting from the Beijing Winter Olympic Park, feel the charm of the combination of natural customs and industrial elements, and burst out to “step on” the “ski diving platform” of the Winter Olympic stadium “Explore Shougang Park, punch in Shougang No.

3 Blast Furnace, Xiuchi, Shougang High-line Park, enjoy the special afternoon tea in the Shangri-La Power Plant Lounge of Beijing Shougang Park…

Can’t wait! Go! * * The following is the information about this trip, please read it carefully! Activity information Activity location: Beijing Winter Olympic Park, Shougang Park Activity time: April 21 Activity cost: 350 yuan/person Registration method: add TOjun WeChat Registration itinerary: Beijing, Shijingshan District Winter Olympic Park – Jinghua Water Rhyme and Lotus Water Chasing Attraction – Beijing Winter Olympic Park Dike – New Shougang Bridge – Liaocang Digital Art Museum – Beijing Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games Exhibition Center – Xiuchi – Shougang No.3 Blast Furnace – Shougang High-line Park – Beijing Shougang Park Shangri-La Power Plant Lounge Collection site: Beijing Winter Olympic Park (Gate 4) Time schedule: 13:00 Beijing Winter Olympic Park Gate 4 will gather at 13:00-13:20, the stone carvings of the Winter Olympic Park and the Jinghua Water Rhyme and Lotus Water Chasing Scenic Spot 13:20-13:40, take a battery car to visit the Beijing Winter Olympic Park embankment at 13:40-14:00, take and test the bike 14:00-14:45, ride from the South Gate of the Shougang Park to the new Shougang Bridge 14:45-15:30, ride from the new Shougang Bridge to the Cang Digital Art Museum, visit 15:30-16:00, ride to see the show pool of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games and the Winter Paralympic Games Exhibition Center At 16:00-16:30, the third blast furnace of Shougang visited Shougang High-line Park at 16:30-17:00, and enjoyed the afternoon tea in the Lounge of Beijing Shougang Park Shangri-La Power Plant.

Notes on the end of the ride: About the number of people: The event is limited to 8 people (all applicants must hold the “Beijing Health Treasure” and display the green health code).

About the age: The registered readers must be at least 16 years old and in good physical condition.

About safety: It is recommended to buy insurance in advance, Personal and property safety accidents caused by personal behavior shall be borne by myself.

About Airborne: Do not accept the unpaid applicants on the same day.

About Refund: Do not accept the refund.

If there is something temporary, you can transfer the quota by yourself (if the number of applicants is less than 8, it will be automatically refunded).

About Consultation: If you have any questions, You can consult CITYWALK route highlight 01/Beijing Winter Olympics Park to Nature in the message or private letter at the end of the article.

The first stop of the CityWalk activity in Shijingshan will start from Beijing Winter Olympics Park.

Before the opening of the Winter Olympics, you will have an “immersive” tour in the Winter Olympics Park.

Located in the west of Shijing, along the Yongding River, the Winter Olympics Park integrates eight parks along the Yongding River, “stitching” the original multi-element space, taking the Winter Olympics as the design theme, integrating Shougang industrial elements, and becoming the largest urban leisure park in the west of Beijing with unique temperament.

With so many design highlights and unique ingenuity, it is certainly worth an in-depth exploration.

The tour route in the Winter Olympic Park will be full of scenic spots such as Jinghua Water Rhyme and Lotus Chasing Water.

They don’t just have beautiful names.

In fact, the beautiful autumn scenery of “sunset and lone duck fly together, and the autumn water is the same color as the sky” can be obtained here.

Next to the pleasant scenery are trails with various themes, and running enthusiasts coming and going are another card of the city.

In fact, the Winter Olympics is not far from us.

The scenic spots in the Winter Olympic Park can be described as “both inside and outside”.

At the same time, the special leader of this cycling activity will also lead you to taste the history and culture hidden in the beautiful scenery, not only to appreciate, but also to understand.

02/The new Shougang Bridge is based on the Yongding River and bathed in the afternoon sun.

What does it look like? Two inverted “U “The shaped steel towers fall on the east and west sides respectively, like two tug-of-war athletes sitting face to face on the ground, with their feet against their feet and hands in hand.

The new Shougang Bridge stands on the Yongding River in such a powerful and firm posture, connecting Shijingshan District and Mentougou District, shortening and shortening the distance between people.

We will go to this bridge with a strong sense of design in the future, led by the leader, and feel its solid strength in a close distance.” The great steel structure is solemn and cold.

Under it, people will suddenly realize their own insignificance.

But looking around, it is still silent.

We can see the gentle appearance of Phnom Penh in the afternoon sunshine.

03/The Cang Digital Art Museum makes a wish to fly.

When Kong Mingdeng talks about the interesting places in Shougang Park, of course, the Cang Digital Art Museum is indispensable.

Here is the immersive interactive experience art space with the theme of multimedia exhibition.

Here, we invited the senior lecturers in the museum to lead the readers to visit and explain the elements of traditional Chinese culture permeated in the multimedia works.

Liaocang Digital Art Museum is an immersive consumption complex integrating scientific and technological interaction, cultural experience and catering and leisure.