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The winter holiday is coming, and the Spring Festival holiday is around the corner! In this issue, we have brought you the package of resorts around Mordor to see the ancient city and the beautiful scenery of Slender West Lake and Thousand Island Lake in winter! ¥ 899/2 The holiday package of Crowne Plaza Yangzhou in the evening said that Yangzhou is beautiful.

The beauty lies in the thin West Lake.

In fact, it is not just the fireworks in March.

The winter color and snow color of the ancient city Yangzhou are shrouded in the precipitation of history, making this super high flow historical and cultural city still maintain an atmosphere of independence even after thousands of years! The thin West Lake in winter is as beautiful as a long scroll of ink and wash! The beauty of the thin West Lake is not only the Five Pavilion Bridge, but also the White Pagoda, Diaoyutai and Spring Willows on the Long Beach.

The beauty of the thin West Lake is everywhere! You can enjoy the warmth of the winter sun in a quiet garden.

The sound of wind and birds is in my ears, and the elegant garden landscape is in my eyes.

The atmosphere is quiet and beautiful, and my heart has been filled in the moment! There are flowers, sceneries and poems.

The real protagonist of the graceful and restrained school of Yangzhou is it: the “Beijing Hangzhou Grand Canal” was built in the Han Valley during the Spring and Autumn Period, and it entered the Yangtze River from Guazhou.

This ancient city with a history of 2500 years is not only the beginning of the Grand Canal of China, but also the prelude to the south of the Fujia River! A young museum came into being! TA is the “China Grand Canal Museum” exhibition hall with the theme of walking through the red chamber and escaping, to experience the immersive small theater of the lost canal! Breaking mysteries, holographic fireworks, small water 1:1 The beauty of the prosperous Tang Dynasty is reproduced! ✨ Looking around Yangzhou, there are few hotels overlooking the Beijing Hangzhou Grand Canal within a hundred meters.

Today, Amway is the Crown Holiday brand under Intercontinental 👇 Crowne Plaza Yangzhou this time, we and the hotel jointly launched the year-end welfare package: OTA platform costs ¥ 900+a night! Now you can stay for two nights for only ¥ 899! Including: two nights of Crown Deluxe Room+2 big and 1 small buffet breakfast * 2 times Key points: no price increase on New Year’s Day on weekends! It can also be used during the Spring Festival~ 📅 Valid until March 31, 2023! The hotel is located by the Beijing Hangzhou Grand Canal, less than 100 meters from the canal! As far as Yangzhou City is concerned, there are not many hotels along the canal, and there are few hotels that can compete with this hotel in the “First Line Canal View”.

After all, as a brand under Intercontinental, Crowne Plaza has always been a benchmark in the hotel industry.

Designed by the famous American SMITH company, the whole building is full of Chinese style Tang style design.

With the harmony of Xieshan Peak Technique and modern streamline radian, the hotel has become a giant ship with Tang style parked by the canal.

The artistic statue at the gate of the hotel is like a beautiful woman of the Tang Dynasty, holding a pipa and whispering.

↑ The bronze statue sculpture at the entrance of the hotel also walks into the lobby of the hotel with ancient charm.

The vertical Chinese lighting is antique, as if going back to the Tang Dynasty All kinds of Tang style elements are embodied in details.

It is worthy of being the CBD along the canal in ancient times.

There are too many scenic spots around the hotel where people can browse and eat.

They are all arranged below! In this issue, we have compiled a travel strategy, which must be kept well! Travel List • 4.1km from Zhu Ziqing’s former residence • 5km from He Yuan • 5km from Ge Yuan • 5km from Dongguan Street • 5.5km from Wenchang Pavilion • 6.2km from Yangzhou Polar Ocean World • 8km from Slender West Lake • 11km from Daming Temple This package is for the Crown Luxury Room, and the grand view of the Beijing Hangzhou Grand Canal within a hundred meters is now! The 40 ㎡ space will not seem too cramped, which is suitable for taking vacations with your family.

All guest rooms are equipped with panoramic French windows, so you can look down on Yangzhou City from your bed.

The choice of bedding is also a high standard of Crown Holiday.

It is equipped with the Slimberland mattress used by the British royal family to help guests sleep safely! The bathroom is separated from wet and dry, integrating Yangzhou’s highly recognizable “water foreskin” culture: each room is equipped with a square bathtub that can take a bath! There is nothing more pleasant than burying in hot soup after a day of traveling? Recreation follows! When purchasing our package, you can use the “upgraded bathtub” for free: it is located on the third floor of the hotel and has a 250 ㎡ solar thermostatic swimming pool (including a massage pool)! It is really beautiful to see the Beijing Hangzhou Grand Canal through the transparent ceiling and panoramic French windows, and to travel in spring! The gymnasium with panoramic French windows also covers an area of 150 m2.

The “Star Pool” brand has all kinds of professional sports equipment, such as treadmills, elliptical machines, and foot pedals.

As the saying goes, “One day’s plan is in the morning.” The first breakfast you get up must not be unfair to yourself.

There are many kinds of buffet breakfast, such as Chinese and Western combination, Chinese pancakes, potstickers, bacon, milk, etc.

Smooth files are very rich! Choose and cook now.

A steaming bowl of noodles in the morning is perfect.

Note: The menu changes every day; The theme of the buffet will change according to the season; All dishes are subject to the products on the same day! In addition to meat, children’s favorite bread, egg tarts, eggs, bread, fried dough sticks The combination of Chinese and Western styles is everything! Crowne Plaza Yangzhou ¥ 899/2 nights Crowne Plaza deluxe room two night vacation package Scan and identify the QR code below for warm tips.

For details, see the purchase page.

If the benefits are not used after purchase, refund is supported.

¥ 699/2 nights Thousand Island Lake Four Points Sheraton Hotel Superior Room Two night vacation package Winter, I want to have a bowl of warm fish head soup, look at the beautiful scenery by the lake, and make a pot of green tea! Then why not go to Qiandao Lake around Mordor to enjoy the vacation time! 1078 islands have created a famous lake and mountain resort at home and abroad.

The forest coverage rate is up to 95%, and the water quality ranks first in China.

On the north bank of Qiandao Lake, there is a professional cycling route, with a total distance of 75km, which offers a wonderful view of green mountains and beautiful waters..