Only those of us who love riding can understand this!

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With the SLR and enough money, we go and stop, record every wonderful moment, and talk about dreams together at night.

We ran and laughed, lying on the lawn talking about each other’s stories.

There is a beautiful girl named Lhasa in Tibet.

Going uphill is like saving money, and going downhill is like spending money.

How tired it is to go uphill and how cool it is to go downhill.

One person can ride faster, and a group of people can ride farther! Measure life with wheels.

Riding is a way of life, a habit and an addiction.

I love the state of riding on the road: freedom, unknown, expectation, surprise, can be obtained, can be forgotten.

Ride, on the road, measure our road of youth with wheels.

In fact, you just need to have the courage to go out.

Everyone who has not been to Tibet is convinced that one day they will set foot on that land; Everyone who leaves is convinced that he will return.

When riding on the road, the scenery is in your heart.

When I was sweating like rain and riding my bike over mountains and mountains, you were immersed in the island movie and couldn’t stop! At the age of 70, I still ride my bike over mountains and mountains, and you have become a part of nature.

As long as you have a free heart and a car.

Rider’s dream: a good car, a SLR, and a strong butt.

Go as far as you can.

A person riding, lonely but introspective; A group of people ride, spectacular and powerful.

I hope that one day, like them, I will ride my bike on the road, experience my body in hell, my eyes in heaven, and my soul in my hometown.

I have been thinking: How am I going to ride Tibet? Some people have professional cycling equipment, sufficient funds and time, and mature cycling team…

Why am I different from them? But I am me.

Why should I be like them? Even if there is none of that, it is enough to have a heart on the road.

I am going my own way, not only under my feet, but also in life.

If you still have dreams, then take your soul and start! We need to ride to more places, meet more scenery, and write more stories about youth…

You can set up a bike, but you can’t set up the happiness of cycling, unless you ride it Riding is a pious pilgrimage.

It is a kind of penance and experience.

Sometimes I often wonder what the meaning of riding is? Is it persistence all the way? Is it the beautiful scenery along the way? Or the happiness of arriving at the destination? Maybe not.

Every person who loves riding has different meanings in his mind.

It may be a kind of life perception, a kind of self breakthrough, a kind of memory pursuit, or a kind of growth sharpening.

But no matter how it appears in people’s mind, it is a kind of healthy and upward lifestyle endorsement.

The process of riding may be very hard and tiring, but we have always insisted that even if we are tired, we are happy.

Challenge, the meaning of riding, is the meaning of life.

There is a rainbow in the sky edited by the old wolf.

It is beautiful in the sky after the rain.

There is also a rainbow in life, that is, riding.

It makes life colorful.

We are full of vitality and youth.

Our youthful life and youthful cycling make our hearts fly young.

There is no failure.

Regardless of success or failure, cycling is the rainbow of our life!!! Every like you order, I seriously regard it as like, share, collect, like.