Notes on cycling: Xinbu Island Bay Picking Park

In the evening, when the sun was shining, I went out on my bike again.

I went to Xinbu Island today.

Xinbu Island is located at the estuary of Nandu River, the largest river in Hainan, with unique landform and is a delta.

I haven’t been to Xinbu Island for nearly half a year.

Let’s see what changes have taken place.

Great changes.

The park is getting more and more beautiful.

People are getting more and more popular.

The concise design style of Shibei Park is indeed full of romantic colors, attracting many young people to take photos and punch in.

Tea can also be cooked in the park, which is in line with the current fashion trend.

Not only the park has changed.

The buildings nearby have also changed.

Almost covered.

A large area of real estate, including primary schools, residential buildings and business districts.

Take a stroll.

The setting sun has already disappeared without trace, and the weather will change! The thick fog shrouded from the sea, and the moisture also came.

The weather in Hainan is likely to get cold before February 2.

It is not advisable to pack the quilt too early.

On the way back, I saw that the watermelon was good.

I bought one, 12 jin and a half.

The local watermelon in Hainan comes into market very early.

You should be very careful when riding a bicycle with a big watermelon.

The “old granny” relaxed and relaxed for more than ten kilometers..