Night Riding Statistician: There is a big event announced tonight!

Message 1.

I heard a rumor that the loan in the first quarter of this year will account for 60% of the total amount of the year Well, I can’t confirm the authenticity of this news, but it’s still quite possible.

I think this news should mean that in the first quarter of this year, 60% of the amount of the previous year will be released to the first quarter, which is not impossible If the next few quarters are not enough, add more Well, this is to stimulate the economy.

In the first quarter of previous years, the average proportion of credit in the whole year was around 34%, and some banks accounted for about 40% in the first quarter If more credit is extended, there may be a wave of market conditions in the first quarter.

Um Today, the real estate industry has taken off collectively because of this news In addition to this grapevine news, there is nothing else worth saying about A-share.

The index level continues to fluctuate slightly, and the decline is actually quite serious.

It should be like this before the Spring Festival.


Looking at the subway data, well, the data in Shanghai has recovered to more than 7 million, which has basically recovered to the level before the current round of epidemic.

In 2021, the subway data will be about 9 million yuan.

This data will recover very quickly.

It seems that there are not many people without Yangkang.

After the Spring Festival, if there is no epidemic of new strains again, the overall recovery looks promising.

If there is a epidemic of new strains, the recovery time will be about four months later.


The natural gas futures in NYMEX2 fell below 4 US dollars/million British thermal units for the first time since February 2022.

At one time, it fell by 11%, reaching as low as 3.993 US dollars/million British thermal units.

Abnormal warm winter weather in some parts of the Northern Hemisphere triggered investors to sell off.

Natural gas futures prices fell sharply, but Europe’s energy prices, food prices inflation is still high.

The “fruit chain” leader on the plate was close to the limit.

The “fruit chain leader” Lixun Precision Opening Diving fell more than 9%, once close to the limit.

On the market, other Apple industrial chain concept stocks fell collectively.

Some core stocks in the consumer electronics sector, Dongshan Precision and Pengding Holdings, fell sharply today.

Gol’s shares continued to be sluggish.

It seems that the global sales of mobile phones and computers are sluggish, putting pressure on the consumer electronics sector.

The opening of Gol shares continued to decline.

It is worth noting that Gol shares were cut down by Apple last year, and its share price fell nearly 70% from the high point, and it was listed in the top ten bearish stocks of A shares in 2022.

On the news side, due to the rumor of cutting orders reported by the media, Apple, the “king” of American stocks, closed down nearly 4% overnight, and its market value fell below $2 trillion for the first time in 18 months.

At present, the largest revenue of Lixun Precision still comes from the components of consumer electronic products.

According to media reports, Apple notified its suppliers in Chinese Mainland to reduce production of AirPods, AppleWatch and MacBook components this quarter on the grounds of weak demand.

In this regard, Lixun Precision said that at present, there is no information that can be disclosed.

The company will not comment on specific customers and products.

If there is information, it will be disclosed in the form of announcement.

Coincidentally, at 3:00 this morning, the Federal Reserve has made another move and will release the minutes of the December 2022 monetary policy meeting.

According to CME’s “Federal Reserve Observation”, the probability of the Federal Reserve raising interest rates by 25 basis points to the range of 4.50% – 4.75% in February 2023 is 71.8%, and the probability of raising interest rates by 50 basis points is 28.2%; By March 2023, the probability of an accumulative interest rate increase of 25 basis points is 18.8%, the probability of an accumulative interest rate increase of 50 basis points is 60.4%, and the probability of an accumulative interest rate increase of 75 basis points is 20.8%.

From a technical perspective, we said that there is a probability that there will be a step back confirmation process after the market breaks through the 5-minute level center.

As long as the step back is not pulled back to the center, a 5-minute level 3 buy point will be formed.

This is a condition for the market to become stronger.

In addition, the trading volume has also rebounded significantly in the past two days, so the next target is to run for 3150-3160 points.

As for whether it can break through, we will walk and see.

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