New Year’s greetings from cycling

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Thank you for your support! 1.

In the new year, opportunities and challenges coexist, and glory and dreams coexist! With our feet, with our bicycles, and with the spirit of ten thousand horses galloping, we will create a more brilliant tomorrow! 2.

Going uphill is like saving money, and going downhill is like spending money.

How tired it is to go uphill and how cool it is to go downhill.

In the new year, I wish every ride happy and safe! 3.

At that moment, I looked up at the starry sky, my legs seemed to be walking among the stars, and my crotch was like an endless void…

I would like to walk forever, but I finally need to return to this world.


Life is like the Sichuan-Tibet line, sometimes high and sometimes low.

Do you tell me to be strong in every period.


In the future, we should ride to more places, encounter more scenery, and write more stories about youth…


We don’t want to be obsessed with the past and look forward to the future in the new year.

So, step on the pedal and hold it tightly.


There is a kind of travel called bicycle travel.

It has no luxury preparation.

It just needs the courage to step on the back seat and the heart to walk.

Even a cheap bicycle can make your dream go far.

A person riding, lonely but introspective; A group of people ride, spectacular and powerful.

I hope that one day, like them, I will ride my bike on the road and experience a kind of body going to hell, eyes going to heaven, and soul returning to my hometown.

I hope we all have a wonderful journey in the new year.


There can be thousands of excuses for not starting in the new year, but there is only one reason to start: go! 9.

In the new year, you should tell yourself that you should have at least two impulses in life, one is desperate love, and the other is a journey that you can go.


Riding doesn’t care about the destination, the scenery along the way and the mood of watching the scenery.

Happy New Year! 11.

Change a car in the new year, sometimes it is a change of mood! 12.

No matter how steep the slope is in the new year, it can’t stop the pace of the cart..