My 318 Ride 3

Day 7, Nihe Township – Mangkang got up at 6 a.m.

and had breakfast, steamed buns and porridge eggs, one egg and two left on the road.

I left the apple I didn’t eat yesterday to Uncle Bosan, and wrote a message with a note: “Good people have a safe life, thank you.”.

So go ahead.

I also lost some things, such as swimming circles, because I heard that the rivers in Tibet have sacred significance.

It’s been a week now.

Go on! I said to myself that I felt tired today because I had a good rest yesterday.

Sometimes it’s good to stop to recharge.

The scenery on the road is still like that, aesthetic fatigue.

But across the hill, we quickly reached the bottom of the slope.

This should be the longest downhill of the Sichuan-Tibet line, more than 80 kilometers.

The feeling of running as fast as a motorcycle lasted for more than three hours.

It is easy to go from frugality to extravagance, but difficult to go from extravagance to frugality.

So Lvzi wants to eat the candy he doesn’t like first.

I also hope that the Sichuan-Tibet line will be uphill first, flat in the middle and then downhill to Lhasa.

It’s cool when we reach the last mountain.

Unfortunately, I just think so.

The first ten kilometers to Batang really wiped out the joy of more than three hours.

In fact, I don’t have much complaints about climbing the slope.

The key is that he comes down from time to time, which gives you hope.

What a devil! I bought a green apple on the way.

It’s sour and crisp.

Eat it well.

The apples were sold by two little girls who learned Tibetan to say hello and good-bye to them, not Zazidler, but another kind.

But now they have forgotten.

Maybe many details have been forgotten now.

When we arrived at Batang, we met two cycling partners.

At about half past one, we arrived at Batang.

They were also from Sichuan, one was 25, the other was 24.

They met online and then made an appointment to ride together.

It was the eleventh day.

After arriving at Batang, they found the hotel and said that they had not made nucleic acid yet, so they came here today.

I wanted to go forward, so I parted with them.

I didn’t know their names, and I never met them again.

If I met them again, I couldn’t remember how they looked.

I bought bread and water in Batang and went on.

Among them, I experienced a bad road and adverse wind, and the Jinsha River on the roadside was also rolling.

I was very tired at that time.

I ate all the bread, rested for about ten minutes, listened to the song, and looked at the surging river in front of me, but I didn’t think about anything in my heart.

I was just thinking, can I reach the destination today? At about three o’clock, I finally crossed the Jinsha River and entered the boundary of Tibet.

My uncle who inspected the boundary line also inspected Tibet’s Tibetan-Ditong, not Sichuan’s Tianfutong.

When I entered Tibet, I felt a little fresh again.

I was not so tired, but there was not much supply.

There were still some compressed biscuits, but there was no water.

I regretted not buying two more bottles in Batang.

Hunger and thirst came, and I met the headwind that I hate most.

So I used the old method again, counting the number of road signs, counting the number of kilometers per kilometer, and then watching the time go by.

In this afternoon, I encountered the most dangerous thing.

There was a bridge hole on the road.

At the beginning of one or two not very long, I didn’t take out my flashlight, and then came to a long bridge hole, entered the complete darkness, and my heart was flustered, I didn’t dare to stop at that time, and then I hit the roadside while riding.

Fortunately, it wasn’t the edge of the cliff.

The car almost fell down and scratched a little skin, but fortunately, there was no car coming from the opposite side, because it was me on the left side of the road.

There was no danger.

I also met a lot of live walkers on the way, and I also met a Zizhong from my hometown.

I greeted him excitedly and said that I was also Zizhong.

Come on! In fact, I have heard before that many people in our hometown go hiking in Tibet by making a car.

At that time, I also told a friend that I despise these moneymakers and think they have defiled my dream.

But I really admire them when I see them.

It is 5:30 when we arrived at the checkpoint in Mangkang, and there is nearly 20 kilometers uphill.

I don’t know whether we can reach Mangkang, but the main thing is to fill our stomachs first, and finally arrive at a town.

Many Tibetans sell matsutake, ride motorcycles, and find a restaurant run by Tibetans.

It is said to be a restaurant, but it is only a built shed.

It is opened by an aunt about 35 years old, and some people speak Tibetan, For a moment, I even felt that I was in another place.

I want a bowl of fried rice and coke.

I originally wanted noodles, but she said that the pressure cooker took a long time to cook noodles in non-standard Mandarin.

I said I had to hurry.

It’s fried rice.

During that time, I asked how long it was dark.

She said that around 8:30, I was extremely reluctant to walk in the night.

Forget it.

After dinner, it’s about 6:30.

It’s still 18 kilometers away from Mangkang, and it’s uphill.

I’ve been riding for about two hours for 20 kilometers on the flat road in the afternoon, so it’s impossible to arrive before dark.

I think about it or where to set up a tent.

Then she asked the aunt.

She said that the construction site building next to her could be built.

I thought it was just the right time.

I didn’t need to get caught in the rain.

During the period, a group of people paid the bill.

Because there was a problem with the account, she took out her mobile phone and asked me where the calculator was.

I turned it out for her.

Then she added it up step by step and showed it to the group.

Then the group paid for 100 yuan.

During the period, they also had to pay with their eyes open.

It was the same everywhere.

So after dinner, I asked the workers at the construction site if they could set up tents? Of course, I got a positive answer.

So I stayed in the tent for the last time, which was also the most comfortable time.

Because of the eaves, I could take shelter from the rain.

The first two times it rained.

In fact, I like rain very much because I sleep soundly when it rains, especially at home.

If there is no shelter, the mood may be like in Litang.