Mandatory equipment for cycling in autumn and winter – 11 long-fingered riding gloves selected!

For cyclists riding in autumn and winter, wearing a pair of suitable bicycle gloves can not only protect them from the cold, but also improve the controllability when riding, and also play a certain cushioning effect when riding.

Wearing a suitable bicycle gloves when accidentally falling off the bike also has a certain protective effect.

At present, all brands of riding gloves on the market are made of more and more excellent materials.

In addition to wearing comfortable and breathable gloves, most of them have added the function of controlling electronic devices, which makes it more convenient and flexible for riders to control various electronic devices.

With a long-fingered riding sleeve, it can be said that it is one of the necessary personal parts for cyclists in autumn and winter.

Today, let’s take a look at some long-fingered riding gloves with Xiaobian to see if you like them.

▲ GIANTRUSH Mark autumn and winter hard shell long fingered gloves palm adopts the updated version of new 3D three-dimensional cutting, which makes the hand feel comfortable and avoids the bulkiness when wearing, and the palm anti-slip palm pad is distributed along the force point of the palm to increase the friction force of the palm.

The lightweight design of anti-collision EVA cotton cover is soft and comfortable, making the palm stretch and bend very flexible.

High-elastic breathable fabric, wrist magic buckle, tightly fitting wrist, fingertip plus conductive cloth, barrier-free operation of electronic products.

▲ There are no seasonal restrictions on the wearing of the Essential Merino Gloves.

In response to the unpredictable weather during riding, the Merino and recycled polyester fiber blend material is used, which has excellent ventilation and temperature regulation functions, and is relatively soft.

The palm of the hand is designed with a full convex rubber design to increase grip, and the forefinger also has the function of designing screen touch.

▲ SANTINI Multi-season Gloves The incredible SANTINI multi-function gloves are made of three layers of fabric, with windproof film and Dwr waterproof treatment.

Warm Blizzard fleece fabric with non-slip texture on the palm.

Suitable for all temperatures, even in the rain.

There is a comfortable elastic strap on the wrist and a reflective strip on the side, which can maintain high visibility in the darkest time.

▲ RaphaProTeamGloves is suitable for use in high-intensity training and riding to keep hands warm when the temperature drops.

The back of the hand is designed with anti-splash treatment, and the interior is made of warm fleece fabric.

The palm is made of super wear-resistant suede, which can create excellent grip in dry, cold or wet conditions.

The lightweight suede fabric provides better grip and handling performance.

Conductive materials are used at the fingertips of the index finger and thumb to operate smart phones or code tables.

An easy-to-pull label is also designed at the cuff of the gloves, which makes it easier to take off the gloves at the end of training.

▲ Santic autumn and winter fleece high elastic long-fingered gloves are made of plush, warm and high carbon strength abrasive cloth inside the glove.

The palm of the silicone anti-slip design is more wear-resistant and anti-slip.

The suede fabric is added at the mouth of the tiger and the index finger for more wear-resistant effect.

The bowl mouth is made of elastic design, which makes the overall wear feel soft and comfortable.

The thumb and index finger are made of conductive materials, which can effectively control the touch screen mobile phone.

▲ PedalOdyssey WaterproofGlovesPedalOdyssey gloves are designed to prevent wind and water splashing, and are suitable for wet environments.

There are some raised rubber patterns on the palm of the hand to greatly increase the grip strength.

The reflective logo is printed on the back of the hand, and it is also compatible with screen touch.

The laser-cut cuffs increase convenience and comfort.

▲ SPECIALIZED BGSPORT long-fingered riding gloves BGSPORT long-fingered riding gloves are made of soft suede material, which is comfortable and soft to wear, and the thickness is appropriate for the spring and autumn cycling design.

The palm of the glove is filled with gel, which can absorb the shock force during riding, reduce the condition of hand numbness during riding, and is sufficient to deal with various conditions during riding besides improving the comfort of the hand.

▲ EssentialDeepWinterGloves is specially designed for use in the worst weather, and the external waterproof membrane can prevent moisture infiltration; The middle layer filler keeps the hand warm in cold air; The ergonomic pad on the palm of the hand can eliminate the discomfort caused by the bumpy road.

The back of the index finger is decorated with reflective details, which can obtain better visibility in case of insufficient light and effectively improve safety.

▲ MONTON black fleece long fingered gloves MONTON also promotes fleece long fingered gloves with thermal insulation effect in winter.

The palm of the hand is made of contour graphic silicone anti-slip material and anti-spring fabric, and also uses conductive silicone printing process.

When using the mobile phone, you can directly operate the mobile phone without taking off the gloves.

It is a very careful design for car users who need to slide the mobile phone.

▲ FrontierThinWarmGloves warm long-fingered gloves are designed with waterproof film on the surface, which has high hydrophobicity when water passes without leaving.

They are made of soft shell warm fabric, comfortable and cold-proof.

They can be used in different outdoor situations, such as hiking, winter running, daily commuting, etc.

It has excellent ductility, and the application makes the fingers more flexible.

The palm is equipped with anti-slip particles, and the sensing fabric of the mobile phone that can slide is added to the belly of the two fingers, making it more flexible to control electronic devices.

▲ Merida warm long-fingered gloves This Merida long-fingered warm fleece gloves are made of elastic fabric and the fleece lining is designed to lengthen the mouth of the bowl, which is soft and comfortable and not tight.

The palm is also made of silicone anti-slip design, and the grip is flexible.

The index finger and thumb can touch the screen sensitively, so that the mobile phone can still be flexibly controlled during cycling.

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