“Lost Alone” prototype successfully searched for a child: rode 400000 kilometers and knelt down to the buyer… The details exposed were

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In 1997, Liaocheng, Shandong.

A man named Guo Gangtang originally lived a happy life.

He is good-looking, cheerful and has a good voice.

Sometimes the singing and dancing troupes go to the countryside to perform, and he can sing a song on the stage, attracting bursts of applause.

He is one of the most capable young people in the village.

He drove a tractor for transportation, built a large tile roofed house early, and saved 50000 yuan.

More importantly, he and his wife are very affectionate.

They have a son over two years old.

Guo Gangtang recalled his son’s childhood for countless times: when he heard the sound of a tractor, he would run out, open his two small hands, and shout: “Daddy hug, Daddy hug.” Then he threw himself into his father’s arms, kissing on the left and right.

Until one day, when Guo Gangtang came home, he did not see his son, but saw a group of people around the door.

He felt a clatter in his heart and knew that something had happened.

He was told that his son took a small bamboo pole and left the village after a woman.

That’s a pretty woman.

They didn’t expect to be human traffickers.

From that day on, Guo Gangtang began to search for children.

He printed his son’s photos and information on a flag and hung it behind the motorcycle.

When you meet someone, you will say: “Guo Zhen is a little girl.” “He was born on April 4, 1995 and was abducted on September 21, 1997.” “There is an obvious burn mark between his left foot and his little toe, red.” – 2 – Guo Gangtang’s wife is very guilty of losing his son.

She couldn’t sleep all night long and tried to find a place to jump off several times.

Something similar has not happened.

In 2006, a man in Guizhou who had been searching for his son for more than ten years had no results.

He jumped from a building in despair and committed suicide, leaving a suicide note: “I only want my son Song Yanzhi.” Song Yanzhi found it later, but could no longer be reunited with his father.

Fortunately, Guo Gangtang loved his wife very much and never complained about her.

He knew that if he blamed his wife again, she would not live.

He didn’t want to miss home and destroy people, but just wanted to find his son and let him have a complete home.

Guo Gangtang’s fifty thousand savings soon ran out.

Villagers, you pay two hundred and I pay three hundred to raise money for him to find children.

He changed from the most respectable young man in the village to the most depressed one.

Once, Guo Gangtang was so hungry on the road that he only had fifteen cents in his pocket.

He found a noodle shop owner who looked kind-hearted, summoned up courage and said, “Can you…” Before he finished, he burst into tears.

Another time, he suddenly went home without saying hello.

I found my wife’s lunch was a steamed bun dipped in soy sauce.

Thinking of his wife’s strong and kind-hearted, he blushed and said, “If there is an afterlife, I will marry her.” It is nothing but economic embarrassment, but the most sad thing is that hope has been lost again and again.

Riding 400000 kilometers and covering 31 provinces, 10 motorcycles were worn out.

Guo Gangtang still can’t find Guo Zhen.

On the winding road in the Dabie Mountains, he was almost blown off the cliff by the violent wind and rainstorm.

He held the concrete pile tightly, looked at the bottomless cliff at his feet, and suddenly thought: “Let go, let go, and all the pain will end.” The flag on the motorcycle rolled and sobbed in the wind.

He vaguely seemed to see his son Guo Zhen standing there, cocking his head and saying, “Dad, isn’t Xiao Liu always accompanying you in the rain?” He climbed up again- 3 – The journey to find a son is lonely, and Guo Gangtang has developed the habit of keeping a diary.

He is especially good at remembering the kindness of others.

His wife made many gourd pyrographs, tied a box nearly two meters high to the motorcycle, and asked him to set up a stall to sell gourds all the way as a package.

Seeing this, the passer-by worried that it would be inconvenient for him to take the road with him, so he simply bought it all at once.

The lights of his motorcycle broke down at night.

A car followed closely.

He thought he had met a bad man.

It turned out that the car owner saw the flag of Xunzi and gave him special lighting.

In Pingdingshan, Henan Province, a group of uncles and aunts who love riding called out to him, “Brother, print more copies of your flag for us, and we will hang it on the bike.” He was very moved, but refused.

Because he knows best how unsafe it is to hang on the car.

In Handan, Hebei, he reported his wife’s safety by public telephone.

When the boss saw the poor man, he refused to accept any money.

Finally, he specially asked: “When you come to Handan again, you should look for the eldest sister to manage the food and not pay for it!” Guo Gangtang said that it is not enough to simply return the debt to others.

This goodwill should also be passed on to more people.

He collected more information about families looking for relatives, printed them long banners and carried them with him.

Often look for opportunities to display them and help find them.

Once in Linyi, he heard that a child who was abducted and trafficked looked like Guo Zhen, but DNA comparison failed.

He didn’t give up and wanted to check the child’s left foot again, but he was almost pushed to the ground.

Guo Gangtang learned that the wild child in front of him had already dropped out of school.

He took his wife to kneel down to the adoptive parents of the children and begged them to be kind to the children and let him continue to study.

He said: “In fact, I kneel for the children’s biological parents.” – 4 – In order to make life more promising, Guo Gangtang and his wife later gave birth to two sons.

But he never gave up his search for Guo Zhen, so that he had little time to accompany them.

Guo Gangtang often feels sorry..