If you don’t want to get cramps, you should prevent them in advance!

Try the following three steps © GabrielAmadeus ViaFlickr stops to do some stretching exercises to relieve cramps.

I don’t know if you have experienced cramps during cycling.

There are also some signs of cramps during cycling.

For example, you feel the muscles in your legs are tired, weak, and very swollen.

So you need to pay attention.

Let’s make it clear that the best way to deal with cramps is not to cramp.

It sounds like a little tongue twister, but the principle is still very clear, that is, we need to take measures to prevent cramps before riding.

For most riders, cramps mean that the competition or cycling activities you participate in are far beyond your ability, the workload of muscles exceeds your physical strength and endurance level, and local muscles bear too much load.

But what should we do if we happen to have painful cramps halfway up the mountain, especially when we are alone? Take a Tums (Tums is an anti stomach acid chewable tablet, which also has the effect of calcium supplementation.) The body needs calcium to maintain health and maintain normal muscle contraction.

Tums also contains some trace elements needed by the body, and has always been a favorite supplement for long-distance cyclists.

“Through investigation, some people confirmed that CrampEase also has the effect of relieving cramps.

It contains trace elements such as magnesium, potassium, calcium, sodium, etc., which can relieve muscle spasm,” said Stacy Sims, a doctor of exercise physiology and nutrition at Stanford University School of Medicine.

Reduce or stop riding.

A cramp is essentially your muscle telling you it needs rest.

Slow down, calm down and let your body have a short rest.

“Change your posture and sit on the cushion, change the stress point, reduce the load of the cramped muscle, and let the muscle recover.” Sims said, “There is also deceleration.” Maybe nobody wants to slow down, but if you have cramps, you have to slow down.

Be careful to slow down rather than make a sudden stop.

Take a deep breath, then do a stretch.

If you are too excited to calm down during the ride, you’d better stop and take a deep breath to relax.

Relax, it won’t get worse.

Take a deep breath, relax, and let the oxygen run through your body.

Then repeat several times…